Microsoft Vs Sony Studios, It's a Big Difference

Agheil writes - "Fellowgamers, for most it's obvious that Sony takes the cake when it comes to first party studios but I wasn’t really sure how big of a difference it was, then i found out.

It’s big."

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electricbanshi321d ago

I've known for a while that Sony studios a jump and a skip ahead of microsoft studios.

rollerdisc321d ago

Jump and skip ahead? haha maybe i just havent heard that phrase before

Agheil321d ago

Yeah, micirost needs to catch up.

AmUnRa320d ago

Sony studios "jumpt and skip ahead of Microsoft studios" in the days of the PS3.
Now with the PS4 the Sony studios are killing Microsoft studios with great AAA GAMES and new IP's. Thats the true.

rollerdisc321d ago

That though was long loool you made it clear. But yeah, sony hands down.

Agheil321d ago

The list was So it’s crystal clear haha.

Emily_319d ago

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firelens321d ago

Sony has a great line up but I need Halo in my life...

Agheil321d ago

I respect that, I had a time where Halo was a big part of my gaming life.

jznrpg320d ago

Halo was cool back in the day but it is now combat devolved

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Enjoigamin320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

Halo is still the best multiplayer game to date. Still constant updates for new content. Halo still runs MLG still one of competitive console games to date....but I don't expect haters to understand...still wish my ps4 had a multiplayer game like halo....but starting to believe that'll never happen. But the Exclusives on the ps4 are still a millions buck to me Xbox needs to step up in that department.

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ZehnDrachen321d ago

Sony FTW. Their studios are simply better than Microsoft's, and there isn't anything really wrong with that It's just how it is.

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Zeref319d ago

One thing ia clear though, Turn 10 > Polyphony.