Hawaii Attorney General Weighs Legality of 'Battlefront II' Loot Boxes

A Hawaiian state representative said he may be forced to legislate in the case of Battlefront II if the game industry doesn't regulate.

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kevinsheeks320d ago (Edited 320d ago )


On a serious note it'd be nice if the esrb stopped acting like a puppet of publishers and do it's job but they seem to want to allow the monster to fester so let's introduce some politics to gaming so we can all share the pain.

Regardless though it's better for children to not play these type of games as it can be addictive to younger more naive minds, it needs regulation.

coolbeans320d ago

Why does said regulation have to come from the government though?

kevinsheeks320d ago

nah I said I wish the esrb would regulate but they don't even want to consider it and given who've they had as previous members I can't take them serious maybe we should have never taken them serious from the jump.

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ChrisW320d ago

Sadly, EA and other shady companies will most likely fight this... We may not see any real legislation for many years while they keep it tied up in courts.

Nodoze320d ago

You don't want the govt to regulate ANYTHING. As soon as they step in, everything turns to shit. Look at everything they have ever touched, and you will see. The only thing they do well is SPEND MONEY they don't have.

Unfortunately these publishers with their unbridled greed, forced this hand. It is all but guaranteed now.

kevinsheeks320d ago

I love gaming I just wish publishers loved it as much as us but isn't it poetic the people who fought the media for years when they tried to link violence to video games are the same ones handing them the ammo they needed all this time and the publishers with their greed created the perfect catalyst.

CyrusLemont320d ago

Can't say I entirely agree here, cigarette and tobacco display bans, gun laws and consumer law in Australia have all had significant positive impacts on protecting the health and safety of citizens.

Perhaps introducing legislation to block marketing of MT/Loot box heavy games and their display on store shelves may be all it takes.

Imagine how Disney would feel if they couldn't advertise Star Wars.

Zjet320d ago

This is getting a bit silly now,

Whats the difference in terms of gambling of opening a lootbox and opening a pack of randomised Pokemon or Magic booster packs?

Should we ban CCGs too?

Jinger320d ago

According to these people, yes. Ban anything that has a random reward. Even if you can't lose. Gumball machines, those little toy and tattoo machines for kids at pizza places and such... get rid of it all. It's teaching our kids to gamble....

equal_youth320d ago

If you can't differentiate between those machines and Lootboxes as Microtransactions that have an effect on progression and game design (psychological rewards, Publishers hire psychologist for this), maybe you should stay out of this conversation or educate yourself.

Don't give me those poor analogies with gumball machines.

OmnislashVer36320d ago

Most people get those cards to collect, these rewards are needed to progress in a game. It's telling people: You suck, wanna know what could make you better? $120 worth of lootbox gambling.

There are also economies where people can resell cards whereas your online rewards are usually just bunk and have no real world value.

Jinger320d ago

@equal & Omni

It having an effect on progression is not what the government cares about. They care about the gambling random factor of the boxes themselves. What it contains makes no difference.

Random reward is a random reward whether it effects gameplay or just cosmetics, doesn't matter.

The cards are a 100% optional. You don't NEED them, just like you don't NEED that shiny pikachu you spent a $100 on from buying random card packs. Can you even compete in a Pokemon match by only buying one card pack? And I mean compete... most likely you're going to have to buy many packs.

kevinsheeks320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

well said equal_youth and Omnislashver36

Storm Shadow NF320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

OMG I think the AG needs to worry about more important things than a Video Game !!! Liberals have lost their mind !!! Snowflake generation, for god sakes the entire Battlefield series allowed you to pay to unlock all weapons early Who Cares !!!

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