The Most Anticipated Video Games of December 2017

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: December marks both the beginning of the Christmas holiday season and the end of a memorable year for video game releases. While some of us are still trying to catch up on all the impressive games that released in 2017, there are some out there who have completed everything and are looking for more games to play. Luckily, Seven: The Long Days Gone, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Hello Neighbor and more are here to keep them busy. The following is a quick list of a few December titles that would make great Christmas gifts for that special gamer in your life.

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rbailey1188d ago

There are still a few games worth checking out this month for those who are interested. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is ideal for fans of the series and Yooka-Laylee coming to Switch will definitely excite those who haven't played it yet.

Cyborgg1188d ago

Xenoblade is all I need!!!

Shiken1188d ago

Xenoblade 2 is the perfect end to my year. Loving it so far, and I can already tell this will keep me busy for some time!

Servbot411188d ago

Not even aware of other games besides Xenoblade 2 and Monster Hunter World demo. Surprised there is just nothing else.

theshredded1188d ago

Re7 for me since I'm not a sucker