The Evolution of Telltale Games – To the Future and Back Again

COGconnected - Telltale’s rise to the forefront of storytelling has been like no other, and now the acclaimed studio is on the cusp of another evolution.

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dilbig5414d ago

It’s not even that they are good, they just chose storylines based on already popular things. Overhype.

ZehnDrachen414d ago

The Wolf Among Us was actually a breath of fresh air for this type of game. I've played the majority of them, and I'd say Batman S1 is the worst. Tales of The Borderlands gets really stupid at the end boss fight.

dilbig5414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

I liked Game of thrones the best but I haven’t played Batman or Wolf Among Us. They are more like a movie than an actual game, only reason I don’t real care whether they do good or not is the price. They don’t cost too much and you can pretty much use it as something to watch if you get bored. No reason for people to go crazy over these games. Not shutting Telltale down or anything but there’s a reason their games weren’t extremely popular before the first Walking Dead game; they just saw the opportunity and kept rolling with it.

414d ago
Cy414d ago

Unless the new "evolution" is actually being able to have some control over the outcome of the stories I don't really care.

Fist4achin414d ago

They are cool, but they dont hold too much replayability.

SaveFerris414d ago

Apart from a sequel to The Wolf Among Us, I'd like to see Telltale Games make a different genre of game, like an RPG, or third person adventure game, if the studio could handle it.

PhoenixUp413d ago

Article is allegedly about the history of Telltales Games yet doesn’t make any mention about

- Texas Hold'em - 2005
- Bone: Out from Boneville - 2005
- Bone: The Great Cow Race - 2006
- CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder - 2006
- CSI: Hard Evidence - 2009
- CSI: Deadly Intent - 2009
- CSI: Fatal Conspiracy - 2010
- Sam and Max: Save the World (Season 1) - 2006-2007
- Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space (Season 2) - 2007-2008
- Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse (Season 3) - 2010
- Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - 2008
- Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures - 2009
- Tales of Monkey Island - 2009
- Hector: Badge of Carnage - 2010-2011
- Puzzle Agent - 2010
- Puzzle Agent 2 - 2011
- Poker Night at the Inventory - 2010
- Jurassic Park: The Game - 2011
- Law & Order Legacies - 2011-2012

Those are glaring omissions from this article.