Are Big-budget, Single-player Video Games in Trouble?

EA's boss says "linear" games are less popular with gamers than they once were. Is the end nigh for cinematic games like Uncharted?

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wonderfulmonkeyman319d ago

Maybe for EA, but not for the rest of us.XD
We'll still be playing games like Assassin's Creed, Mario, Zelda, Skyrim, Xenoblade, and plenty of other great big budget single-player titles well into the future.
EA would like you to think single player is dying because the only thing they can make money off of recently is multiplayer sports and shooters that survive off of their pay-walled and transaction-laden online.XD

Godmars290319d ago

Maybe for any game publisher who uses the phrase "Games as Service" you mean.

Rimeskeem318d ago

The issue with what you said is that those games are open world and not linear. But linear games are still around.

wonderfulmonkeyman318d ago

Most of the entries in those games have very linear story paths, though, if you disregard side missions, which is why I listed them.
Some, like BotW, might diverge from that by letting you complete main story objectives in any order you want, but by and large they've all had a pretty fair dose of linearity in their past entries.

FullmetalRoyale318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

You’re right. If Bethesda has anything to say about it, we WILL continue to be playing Skyrim well into the future!

OT: This is really a non-story. It’s just the latest story people are latching onto, and writing about. We all know better than to second guess the future of great single player games.

maybelovehate318d ago

Open World games are thriving. They aren't going anywhere. It is just Linear Story based games that are declining. or somewhat anyhow. I don't think they will ever go away, but they aren't as popular as other genres right now and unfortunately more expensive to make due to the graphics having such a big role in this type of game and also harder to monetize since you can't usually customize things in linear story games.

GamesMaster1982318d ago

Give me a good Linear game over them mostly boring empty open world games anyday.

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

I would actually disagree on that because we have more game developers now than we did in the past.

How many game series that were linear that existed still actually exist.

_-EDMIX-_317d ago


I don't think this is an issue for a lots of Publishers I simply think it's an issue for Electronic Arts and even Microsoft. I think they're trying to paint it as if single player games are difficult for them to make money and comparison to other multiplayer games as service-type games, but that is an issue regarding those Publishers individually that is not actually an issue regarding gaming as a whole.

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Neonridr319d ago

Since when did EA actually know what gamers really wanted?

318d ago
_-EDMIX-_317d ago

Enough for them to keep selling record number of games.

If anything Electronic Arts should have made sure the statement was exclusively for their situation currently and not towards gaming as a whole.

I've noticed that Microsoft Electronic Arts Activision or sort of in this situation. I think it's simply because they cannot see huge profit margins like they can with games as a service crap. Publishers like Sony and Nintendo have had game developers for multiple Generations that have been able to craft single-player experiences and reap huge Rewards.

I mean if anything look at Ubisoft they're probably the only publisher regarding this that has been able to successfully craft single player experience on top of multiplayer experiences successfully in regards to big third party.

SR388317d ago

This is why i not bought a EA game since dead space 3 and crysis 3... I loved those two franchises, they ruined ds3 loads... If you dont want ea around to make shit games dont buy their games!

xX-oldboy-Xx318d ago

Nope - every gamer should be catered for. Bloodborne, Zelda, Horizon, Uncharted, TLOU, Dark Souls - gaming wouldn't be the same without those titles.

318d ago
mark_parch318d ago

fuck EA they couldn't care less about the consumer all they care about is money

Prince_TFK318d ago

Fuck no. And if it ever does, I will stop gaming altogether.

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