Xenoblade is the New Final Fantasy

Xenoblade is the New Final Fantasy. Ever since the aftermath of Final Fantasy XII, the series has been subpar. Xenoblade, still in its infancy, eclipses modern Final Fantasy in every facet.

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guywazeldatatt1881d ago

It took time for Takahashi to learn to balance religious and philosophical overtones, RPG gameplay, open-worlds, and story, but he's finally done it. This is the best RPG series out there right now.

MadLad1881d ago

I could only give you JRPG series on that and, even then, you can't rule out the Persona series.

guywazeldatatt1881d ago

Persona is good no doubt. Personally I do prefer the proper SMT games and am ecstatic for V on the Switch; Persona and Xenoblade are completely different kinds of games. I love them both for what they are, but that being said again they are different kinds of RPGs. Which is great, I wouldn't want everything to be like the Xenoblade games.

Eonjay1881d ago

What is this idea that a game can only be good if you can crap on another game? A series can be good and stand on its own without saying it needs to trump another series.

Big_Game_Hunters1881d ago

Persona isn't in the same running though.

mikeslemonade1881d ago

Xenoblade it ain't even close. I have it preordered though and it's arriving Monday. But xenoblade isn't even better than any of the modern final fantasys. It's limited on gimped hardware.

indysurfn1881d ago

With trails of cold steels next entry coming from vita to PS4 I would have to say it is at best third.

1 The legend of hero....trails of cold steel III
2 Persona's
3 ni no....

davand1141880d ago

Persona, SMT, and Xenoblade are the three best RPG series out there right now. SMT and Xenoblade steer more towards hardcore RPG's than Persona does, but all 3 are fantastic.

Sono4211880d ago

Dark link is a Nintendo die hard fanatic, whenever he says something positive about anything Nintendo it shouldn't be taken seriously. Only when he says something negative will it actually be taken seriously, and he has no one to blame but himself.

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xPaYDaYx1881d ago

Lol Pokemon for Christ's sake has more depth. I'll give the interesting world bit to the Xenoblade series though.

drizzom1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

With how FFXV turned out to be utter dogshit I would happily embrace Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to hold that crown.

Servbot411881d ago

As much as I love Xenoblade, I'd say the best JRPG series is probably SMT, as it's vast and contains multiple different types of JRPGs.

AdonisIsBeast1881d ago

I agreed with nearly everything you stated in this article until the part that said the Switch would eclipse the PS4

That’s going to be tough

remixx1161880d ago

Lol yeah that's a bit of fanboy sputter, I mean damn the console just came out and has a great year of games but the ps4 has been utterly explosive these last 2 years and 2018 is shaping up to be just as good.

Not to mention when it comes to jrpgs sorry but the ps4 still holds that crown. Ni no kuni 2, persona 5, nier, ff12 remaster, disgeae 5, ff7 remake, bloodborne...its really not much of a competition.

pietro12121878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

It's not. Story wise the Xenoblade series don't touch Minolith's older titles and his time at Square except for may Batemn Kaitos and Xenosaga 2. His recent titles aren't as good as Persona 3, 4 and 5. His best work will always be Xenogears.
As for the author of the article FFXII is one of the greatest F2F titles.

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PhoenixUp1881d ago

“Ever since Final Fantasy XII, the series has been subpar.”

Hey screw you author FFXII was awesome and is one of the highest rated games in the series.

FFXIV is one of the best and most popular MMOs currently on the market and comes second to only WoW in active users.

FFXV is an amazing game.

guywazeldatatt1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

when they changed directors like late in development they made changes and the story never quite clicked. that was the consensus then, maybe not now, and that was what I gleamed. also, if you look on metacritic it's more accurate to look at the score of the remaster/remake, as the standards of games have changed. I personally didn't like the combat and thought the story didn't quite fit.

MMO FF is way different than mainstream titles.

FFXV is overrated and not as open-world as they would have you believe. there are some makings of a great game, but put them all together and it's just okay.

I was born in the mid-to-late 90s, so I've been playing the series for a very long time. IMO, Xenoblade is poised to take its place as the best JRPG series of our generation and dethrone FF. In fact, it already has, and the reviews kind of show that.

PhoenixUp1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Many people did in fact enjoy FFXII’s story. Maybe you did not like it or the gameplay, but many people did. It’s widely regarded as one of the best titles in the series for a reason and should not be written off as subpar to make an flawed point.

It’s not always accurate to look at a remake’s or remaster’s Metascore since the rerelease will always get a lower score than the original in most cases.

However even if you do, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age currently has an 86 on Metacritic which is the same score that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D got and is higher than both Xenoblade Chronicles X & Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which further debase’s your claims of it being mediocre. If FFXII is subpar then the entire Xenoblade franchise is subpar, especially when you consider the original Final Fantasy XII got the same aggregate score as the original Xenoblade Chronicles.

Final Fantasy XIV still has to be accounted for since it’s still a mainline title and has just as much talent & effort working on it as the non-MMO mainline titles. FFXIV’s resurgence in quality is not something that can just be swept under the rug because it’s inconvenient to the narrative your article is trying to make.

How is Final Fantasy XV overrated when you don’t see people claiming it’s one of the best games in the series like so many frequently do with Final Fantasy VII? FFXV still has various qualities that put it above various other RPGs. Just because it’s not the best game of all time doesn’t mean you can write it off entirely. The last two Xenoblade games also have flaws but you don’t see me saying neither of them hold any above average merit.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 currently holds an 84 on Metacritic. It ain’t going to take the title of king of the RPG genre anytime soon. In fact Pokémon is the one that holds that title since it’s the highest selling franchise in the genre. Final Fantasy for some reason is frequently called the king even though it’s sold less than Pokémon. Xenoblade can be great, but it isn’t dethroning anybody.

guywazeldatatt1881d ago

Not all Xenoblade 2 reviews are out yet. Xodiac Age had how many reviews? 74. And an 8.0 user score, although I dunno if it was brigaided or not.

Xeno 2 has about 56 reviews so far with a user score of 86. I mean this could go back and forth but ultimately FFXII, even if it was after, set the stage for FF to devolve to what it is now. which is mediocrity and that makes me very sad. The best games are remasters.

PhoenixUp1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Even if all the reviews for XB2 aren’t out yet, my point still stands. Whether XB2 stays at 84 just like XBX before it or goes to 85 or even 86, it still has a score in a similar ballpark as FFXII: TZA and still a lower score than the original FFXII. Also keep in mind that Metascores don’t usually fluctuate upwards dramatically after a game has had 55+ reviews, so XB2 will most likely remain at the 84 it’s at right now.

With this in mind I still don’t see how you can say Final Fantasy XII is subpar but somehow excuse Xenoblade Chronicles for getting similar scores.

I really don’t get that kind of statement. FFXII is still widely regarded as an awesome game, not a subpar one. Even if you want to bring up FFXIII, that in no way has any bearing on FFXII and I don’t see why it would in any case. That’s like saying RE4 is a lesser game because of RE5, Star Fox 64 is a lesser game because of Star Fox Zero, Super Mario 64 is a lesser game because of a Super Mario Sunshine, Banjo-Tooie is a lesser game because of Banjo-Kazooie: N&B, Crash 3 is a lesser game because of Crash 4, Jak 3 is a lesser game because of J&D: TLF, Sonic Generations is a lesser game because of Sonic Forces, and so on and so forth.

Again as I’ve factually proven, to say Final Fantasy XII is mediocrity is to say the entire Xenoblade series is mediocrity which would render this entire article pointless. In fact when did scoring in the 80s, which the majority of Xenoblade Chronicles games have done mind you, become the mark of a mediocre game?

guywazeldatatt1881d ago

I actually didn't call FFXII mediocrity; it did have its problems but this article explains a lot:

FFXII may have started it all, that's what I kinda meant; I need to check the article and if I fucked up man i'll literally change it right now. But because of FFXII's problems, it pretty much screwed SE's plans, but that's all on SE and not really on FFXII, no matter the issues I may have with parts of the game. It's lightyears better than any installment since, but, at the same time it pales in comparison to X, IMO.

PhoenixUp1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

You say that you didn’t call FFXII a mediocre title, yet your description clearly calls FFXII subpar.

Obviously titles such as FFXII, FFXIII, FFXIV, & FFXV have had development issues. However that’s a different matter entirely. This is about the quality of the end product, which your description is clearly implying and not the development history.

Hell Persona 5 had a development history as long as Final Fantasy XII’s, yet you don’t see people bringing that up since P5 got great reviews just like FFXII before it. Only reason it’s more prominent with FFXII and the latter entries is because Final Fantasy is a more prominent franchise than Shin Megami Tensei.

FFXII has the same 92 score on Metacritic as FFX though and their remasters(85 for FFX/FFX-2 HD & 86 for FFXII HD) have similar Metascores as well. So no it doesn’t pale in comparison objectively speaking. Each title has its own unique pros and cons so you can’t definitively say is better than the other since it would come down to personal preferences at that point.

guywazeldatatt1881d ago

in my description I didn't properly communicate what I meant to. the aftermath of FFXII left SE a mess. the director got sick, he left, they scrambled like crazy and it changed the game and story. that's a fact. thanks for the discussion, it's been informative.

PhoenixUp1881d ago

If you’re talking about the development of the series, then you should’ve worded it as such. The way it’s written now heavily implies that you assume the quality of the titles have gone down after FFXI.

rainslacker1881d ago

The story was alright, just not as epicly sweeping as you see in the other games. My only issue with the game was that it felt that the characters in the game didn't really have any impact on the world. This was likely more from the whole Invalice overworld that involved several other games, so the story was only part of that world.

The game play was really good, and overall the game was pretty good, but I felt it's story wasn't up to par with the themes and presentation of other FF games. Even FFXIII had characters that were a major part in what happened in the world like other FF games, although I wouldn't say it was a great story for a FF game.

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ShadowWolf7121881d ago

You had me right up until "FFXV is an amazing game".

bigmalky1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

XV is an awful FF game. It lacks soul like many modern games. Pre XIII games are good to great FF, anything after is heartless guff with the brand name attached for quick sales.

XIV does not count, despite the numbered entry, it's an MMO, not a single player RPG.

shingojacky1880d ago

"FFXV is an amazing game."

Oh, no...

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wonderfulmonkeyman1881d ago

I'm definitely having more fun with Xenoblade 2 than I anticipated, and I can easily see this becoming a strong staple series for Nintendo to continue making entries in, long into the future, just like Final Fantasy.

Honestly, the best thing Square-Enix has done lately for Final Fantasy fans, was to create Bravely Default, in my personal opinion.XD

guywazeldatatt1881d ago

if they bring Bravely Default to Switch, which I think is a must, (the series that is, plus the two that are out), I really think Nintendo could dominate the RPG scene, even without Kingdom Hearts. And then there's Ocopath Traveler. It's great to have this kind of support honestly for the system. I'm kind of shocked.

Prince_TFK1881d ago

The disagree ninjas are on the loose lately, especially in Xenoblade articles. Its like they are scared of something lol.

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Vanfernal1880d ago

Nintendo doesn't make these games... Only publishes them.

wonderfulmonkeyman1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Monolith is a first-party Nintendo studio; Nintendo naturally had internal team members helping to make this game.

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coffeemaster1881d ago

Maybe I’ll even like this game more than FFXV

guywazeldatatt1881d ago

I will admit I personally, and I'm not the only one, who felt Final Fantasy XV wasn't totally open-world, but maybe my exceptions were wrong and I was looking at that wrong. I kinda realize that now, but this is a great game. My problems with XV go way beyond the world though. It feels like SE just cares about money these days. FFX is still my favorite.

muttsurini1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

well most final fantasy games are not 100 percent
open world like ff7 and ff10, and they are great additions on the franchise.

Segata1878d ago

I platinumed FFXV and will tell you all the Xenoblade games are better than FFXV. One of the best things Nintendo ever did was purchase Monolith.

SegaGamer1881d ago

It would need to be turn based to be the new Final Fantasy.

pietro12121878d ago

Final Fantasy stopped being turn based once they introduced the atb system