5 Reasons Why Pirating Games is no Longer Worth it

Back in the day if someone wanted a game, all they had to do was log on to LimeWire or Kazaa and then download it with ease. Times have changed and now it's no longer worth the effort.

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zb1ftw7772390d ago

Games on PC are becoming the same price as consoles too.

Makes the PC redundant and pointless to buy as a gaming machine.

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iDadio2390d ago

What an ignorant statement, but you are entitled to your wrong opinion.

MrVux0002390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Even tho i disagree with the OP statement, i must point out there is no 'right' or 'wrong' when it comes to opinions.

Each person is entitled to have one, no matter how silly it may sound to you or me.

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NordicRainy2390d ago

What are you even talking about? For one thing, games on PC are cheaper, secondly what Haurus said. Your logic is literally non-existent.

MrVux0002390d ago

" For one thing, games on PC are cheaper "
Depends on what version of the games you are buying (retail or digital), and let's not forget console folk can buy second-hand games, that drop drastically in pricing 2-3 months after the launch.

If anything this gen, the prices are more-less the same if we take everything into consideration.

Vegamyster2390d ago


Retail for PC is pretty much non existent & represents a extremely small portion of sales, legit sites like CDkeys have brand new games games that are $20-$30 cheaper than Steam/Retail to preorder/at launch, not months after.

Cyro2390d ago


It's not the same at all. The digital prices of console games are almost always higher than digital PC games.

Nitrowolf22390d ago

Sure they're the same price at launch but they drop drastically afterwards something you don't see on digital console games

MrVux0002390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

"Sure they're the same price at launch but they drop drastically afterwards something you don't see on digital console games"

Surprisingly this gen, consoles digital games stores managed to go toe-to-toe with most PC-based selling platforms like GOG and STEAM, and they also have a price drop post launch (digital). If you count second hand sales, the prices are even lower then both console and pc digital deals.

F0XHOUND2390d ago

Ah FFS, I just went and spent months building my own PC worth thousands as a fun project which also happens to offer the best gaming experience possible.... now I guess I'm forced to sell it on ebay as I just cant imagine paying console game prices....... /s but seriously, own a console for its exclusives and if you can build a good PC and experience what it has to offer too, chances are you have a basic laptop or pc anyway which you use for all the other shit like browsing the web, photoshop etc, that surely cost you a little too? put that $$$ toward something you can do everything on.

Razzer2390d ago

lol......not only inaccurate, but you make no sense.....as usual.

BTW, I get 8 or so games a month with humble bundle monthly. $10. This month included Quantum Break. That is 8 games, including QB, for less than the cost of a used copy of QB alone. Facts are not your friend.

bluefox7552390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Except the part where it's way more powerful than a console, the free online, the massive versatility, the ability to consistently play at 60+ fps, the upgradeability, the massive catalog of games that dwarfs the consoles. Just a few reasons off the top of my head.
Oh yeah, and you're original statement is flat out wrong.

MrVux0002390d ago

"Makes the PC redundant and pointless to buy as a gaming machine."

So the same price point for games makes a platform X redundant in comparison to platform Y?

I'm all for different opinions, but there are plenty of other factors aside from HW/SW prices that can determine the platforms value for the user.

carcarias2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

With respect, I have to disagree and am astonished anyone could come to that conclusion.

I find that sales are more prevalent and often steeper on pc, theres a greater number of titles available, there are more graphical tweaks possible, modding is more widely supported, keyboard and mouse is fantastic for certain genres, load times can be quicker and frame rates are far superior. Sure, a lot of this depends on the machine, but that's all part of the draw for PC gaming; hardware flexibility and customisation.

It's those frame rates in particular that are important to me. I never want to go back 30fps. Even more surprising for me is how good 120fps looks. I would never have believed anything over 60fps would make much of a difference until I saw my son's rig running games at those rates. It's just gorgeous, even though from a technical perspective nothing has changed (resolution, textures) it still somehow looks better. It's one of those things you have to see to believe.

Don't get me wrong, I love my PS4 but PC is gonna be my main platform for the time being.

agent45322390d ago

PC exclusives have yet to be priced at $60.00. There are games that went pretty cheap rather quickly this year:

Prey cost me $30.00

Evil Within 2 cost me $27.00 (tax included) Amazon Cyber deal for all platforms

Asssassins Creed Origins $30.00 during Steam Fall Sale

Amazon has done an excellent job of selling console games at rock bottom prices.

So no, I strongly believe that once console hardware is gone, games will be cheaper

Artemidorus2390d ago

So we best stop the hardware progression because they are matching game prices of consoles.

Excellent logic, up next, how to go full retard.

_LarZen_2390d ago

Both your statements are pure nonsense.

Zarock2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Wrong. PC games are cheaper almost half the price on release If you know where to buy your games from.
For example the new shadow of war was priced at 30 bucks at launch on some websites for PC.

Imalwaysright2389d ago

And yet PC is the backbone of gaming. Your PS4 and X1 consoles are AMD boxes with the Playstation and Xbox logos attached to them.

SameOldx22389d ago

By your logic then consoles are redundant also.

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ScreenCritics2390d ago

"It isn't worth the effort"

If you say so.

Gridknac2390d ago

I have no idea what this author is talking about. Sounds like to me, they have been out of the loop too long. Only 1 of the 5 points are true.
5. Crack down on torrent sites? Torrent sites are like drug dealers. You take one out today and tomorrow two more pop up.(often just changing domain names)
4. Developers trolling pirates. LOL. What? A handful of games in a sea of millions?.. Next! (Only idiots post to a msg board without first doing a little research)
3. (My favorite)Advancements in Anti-Piracy Technology. Even the "Mighty Uncrackable" Denuvo...Well this speaks for itself https://arstechnica.com/gam...
2. Way Too Time Consuming. If you know nothing about pirating and are just trying it for the first time, then maybe. But for the reasons the author states, a vet would have no issue with. They know the sites, they know the scene, who's releases are trusted and who's are not. (CODEX anyone?)
1. Online Stores Have Made Them Cheap. This one is absolutely correct. There are plenty of places to buy your games cheap. Even on pre-orders and release day you never have to pay retail.

I admit it is easier and more secure to buy legit from a store. But that in no way means pirates have raised a white flag and given in because "It's just too hard".

Razzer2390d ago

Either way, piracy is pathetic.

Cobra9512390d ago

Yeah, this guy is either engaging in wishful thinking, or he's really clueless. It's easier now than ever to find whatever floats your boat out there, and that very much includes fast bittorrent delivery.

agent45322390d ago

I have pirated movies and tv shows but now I only pirate sports he he he. Yes I am still a pirate.

NotAfanBoyy2390d ago

I believe piracy is becoming relevant again thanks to games being released incomplete, with DLC, loot boxes, microtransactions. If you add everything up, games are more expensive than ever.

Many people claim DLC is just robbed content from their purchased games and they're justified to pirate it back.