Sony Is Letting People Try PlayStation VR at Home for Free for a Limited Time

"Have you found yourself interested in PlayStation VR but just unsure if you really want to jump in yet? Well Sony may let you try PlayStation VR for free in the comfort of your own home."

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Cupid_Viper_3324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Yeah, I think this is probably a cheaper and very effective way to get more people to experience what VR is like. This way, you have up to two weeks with the product in your home, with a full game and a bunch of demos to try out. This provides a much deeper experience than you can get at a demo station at a Best Buy or GameStop. Also, they're doing this around the holiday season when families usually get together. So meaning that you can share this with them and create potential new VR consumers. And after all is said and done, if you don't like it, you return it. If you do then you keep it.

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strifeblade323d ago

lol, sounds like a very standard return policy

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rainslacker323d ago

And i tbd you've been getting the gr8 titles from plus the past few months you have about 6 games to play right off the bat.

SameOldx2323d ago

No. Best Buy already has a return policy. Only good for countries who don't have return policies like Best Buy.

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Matpan323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

I don´t know how it works in USA... but here in Germany (and most Europe I´d guess) anything you buy at a store / order online / contract with any service company you sign, you have 14 days to return / withdraw, money back, no questions asked. I mean, the product must be in as close as new condition as possible, of course. But that´s just common sense. So... I could buy an Oculus Rift... a Vive, a PSVR, a PS4PRO... use them for 14 days and return them. As far as I understand this is just Sony marketing a policy that is already standing in most places for ages now...

rainslacker323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

In the US it varies by store, but most stores have a week or two for electronics. Gaming hardware itself is generally 1-2 weeks, and typically is only for defective products, and only good for replacement, so not really a return. Some stores do allow it though, because some bigger stores can eat the loss and don't want to upset a customer, but it's not the norm. Gaming software itself usually isn't returnable unless defective. I'm not sure if some stores will allow it but don't advertise it in an effort to not upset customers, but I know GameStop and WalMart don't take returns on open software.

Anyhow, I'm sure it's just a marketing thing for Sony. Don't see any problem with it, as in the US, doing returns isn't always a possibility...particularly since the one they're offering has software included with it.

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darthv72324d ago

Interesting approach. It says you have to be a select PS+ member and have a credit card for them to put a hold on to cover the cost if you decide to keep it.

Summons75324d ago

Cool idea but it's extremely limited and offers are already closed for the time being.

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windblowsagain324d ago

VR will only become massive when it's cheaper and every title supports it etc. like 50 years,lol.

I think 3D was kicked to the curb much too soon.

4k 3d high quality visuals would have been much better then VR

GNCFLYER324d ago

I agreed with the middle comment. But VR will be mainstream quicker than 50 years. VCR or microwave ovens weren't a thing 50 years ago.

I had 3d, it was OK but not immersive. VR your in the world, big difference

Gwiz323d ago

Yup,this takes it to another level.

captainexplosion324d ago

I love my 3D tv so much. I wish the tech would have taken off.

Gwiz323d ago

Yes,3D died off too quickly,I still have a 3DTV but never use it as such (Tombraider 2013 on PC is a must try)

PistolsAtDawn323d ago

Itll become successful when you can seamlessly play games like Halo, COD, Skyrim in good quality without it feeling like a tech demo gimmick.

yeahokwhatever323d ago

You can have a 3D IMAX screen with your VR. Your argument is invalid.

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