5 Must Have Features For Pokemon On Nintendo Switch

Top five new features that have to make their on to the new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch!

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-Foxtrot374d ago

Mine would be

1) Back to basics - Remove Mega Evolutions, Primal, Z Moves, Ultra Beasts and other gimmicky things. Get back to creating good core Pokemon. Start with the original 151 again and add in the evolutions/baby Pokemon that were added in later games so it's all updated.

2) Better character creator - Most of us have grown up by now, do we still have to play the same "10 year old kid wanting to become a Pokemon master" there's lots of trainers out there in the world of Pokemon they aren't all kids.

3) Change of story - Do we have to start out moving into town, meeting the professor as he gives us our starter Pokemon which is the same old Fire, Water, Grass types while our rival picks the opposite. Why not a rookie roped into Team Rocket and you are going to rob the Pokemon lab with someone in the gang who is your mentor but you decide to not go through with it, helping the professor instead only for your mentor to become your game "rival". Despite helping the Professor your rival still gets away with the Fire, Water and Grass types so the professor offers you new starters which are Psychic, Dark or Fairy types instead while during the game you recover the three original starters back over time if you go out of your way during side quests. See just made that up in 5 minutes, I'm sure Nintendo could do better.

4) It's got to be one game...not splitting it into 2 games like the handheld versions. That set up won't work on the Switch when not everyone compared to the handheld versions will take their Switch out and about. You've got to have the full packaged game so we are allowed to sit back and collect everything over time...but obviously the game will be done so it will be more of a challenge to collect everything.

5) Build our own Town - I want to see a town we save which is very small and run down, over time we can do quests and invest money into making this town into what we want. There will also be a gym aswell we will be able to set up into what we want and battle random trainers who come inside or if we go online let people from all over the world interact with us.

ZAF373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Instead of Building your own town i would have preferred a proper online system, some kind of Hub Island were you could meet other players and battle freely.