Star Wars Battlefront 2 General Grievous Showcased & More Unreleased Skins

Get a look at all of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 General Grievous, as well as some curious oddities, uncovered by data miners.

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AizenSosuke374d ago

Jesus EA just keep digging that hole really quick until you hit huendo menuo really quick

372d ago
thekhurg372d ago

How are new characters (announced before the game ever released) digging themselves a hole? That makes no sense.

_-EDMIX-_371d ago

? Huh? What do you mean? All of the content regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to be free.

Soooo I don't get it? You're mad that they've uncovered more free content for users?

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john416372d ago

I’m glad I didn’t pick this game up EA continues to show why they shouldn’t be handling the Star Wars franchise. I’m not gonna lie it’s been hard to resist the urge to go pick this game up I grew up on old Star Wars games like outcasts and the original battle front. However I can’t find it in me to spend close to 70 dollars witch includes tax on this game with what EA is I’ll stick to playing my older Star Wars games like republic commando and og battlefront 2 on steam.

lazyboyblue372d ago

EA were so greedy with the whole loot crate thing and now many gamers won't get the chance to enjoy the game. That's a real shame because it's actually rather good.

T2X372d ago

Actually, the game itself is great. And you could wait for a sale or rent it first. Also, Gamefly is a good service if you play many games and don't want to pay full price too.

Gaming4Life1981372d ago

I bought the game day 1 and I honestly love the game but the bulshit that EA has done and still is doing will definitely affect my future purchases. I want anthem so bad but more and more keeps coming back about EA and their greed and they are not even trying to change.

I know EA gets alot of hate but they are not the only major company doing this because take two is following suite with their games. The future of gaming looks to be a real problem.

Jinger372d ago

Can't wait for th3 new characters!

Mikey94372d ago

I don't get some people so post launch characters that have been confirmed to be added for free is bad? I mean jesus yes EA is terrible but I mean to know that characters people have been asked for are coming I don't get how anyone can complain about that.