Mass Effect 2 & 3 receive incredible 4K Texture Packs, improving more than 3400 textures in total

Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 receive incredible high resolution 4K Texture Packs, improving one hell of textures

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Retard325d ago

I would give it 8 very nices. 👍🏻

mikeslemonade324d ago

Mass Effect 1 is the best one though.

324d ago
Bigpappy324d ago

I'm down with that texture pak.

starchild324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Yeah, great work here. The better textures result in a noticeable improvement.

Mods are just one of the many things I love about PC gaming.

andydalum325d ago

Just give me a remaster of the trilogy that is 4k on my xbox one x i'll pay 100$ for it i don't care.

324d ago
Tedakin325d ago

Do this on Xbox One X. Both games are backwards compatible.

DillyDilly324d ago

But you need an EA Access Premium account to play them

Chanogram324d ago

Huh? No you don't. Just put the disc in...

maybelovehate324d ago

No you don’t but if you don’t own them it is a cheap wat way to play them

DillyDilly324d ago

Well if you want them digital you do

XMarkstheSpot324d ago

Funny you mention that because they just announced today you can buy those digitally

KillBill324d ago

No you don't. All the titles are available via purchase and download.

Tedakin324d ago

I have the discs and all play on the xbox one x.

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zaherdab324d ago

they would never spend time on textures ... they would just do a cheap 4k resolution bump

KaaF325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

This is a mod by the way, and it's not just textures, some models have been improved too. An old comparison video:

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The story is too old to be commented.