EA Motive: We Haven't Been Held Back by Technology in SWBFII, Frostbite Is Great at Cinematics

EA Motive's Game Director Mark Thompson praised the Frostbite technology the studio used in Star Wars Battlefront II, even for cinematics.

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Sam Fisher1394d ago

Remember guys, ea motive is the crappy side of bioware that made me:a

Pandamobile1394d ago

No, that was Bioware Montreal. Bioware Montreal only recently folded and became part of Motive after Andromeda launched.

ccgr1396d ago

Haven't played this one yet

GHOSTxTZ1394d ago

Its really not that great imo they could have done way more but its EA

Grap1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Not worth it, The main character has Schizophrenia half way in the story.

SCW19821396d ago

Of course you haven’t because frostbite was made for these specific types of games. Now try making an open world RPG with the same tools and see what happens.

Nitrowolf21394d ago

"was made for these specific types of games"

Funny thing, even though that's true the engine is still pretty bad outside of visuals.

Doomster19711394d ago

We already have. ME A runs like crap.

SCW19821394d ago


exactly my point.

PlayableGamez-1394d ago

EA really damaged their brand with this game.
Their Stocks are taking.
If you own any Stocks in EA. Sell them now.
Rule of thumb, don't fuck with Star Wars fans.

Kleptic1394d ago

As an investment, that's a knee jerk reaction...EA's stock is still ~$25/share up for the year, and has seen nothing but year over year increases by a significant amount for quite a while.

Totally get what you're saying, pretty big dip the last couple weeks that is estimated to hit a $5 billion loss by the time it's all said and done...So it's definitely a 'message received' kind of thing, but as far as EA's long term damage this is nothing.

PlayableGamez-1394d ago

EA had a pretty bad year in stock growth.
I wouldn't bet my money on them going into 2018.

Kleptic1392d ago

'pretty bad year in stock growth' Translated: 'not as good as it could've been'...

it's still $33/share over its low for the year, which occurred in the very first days of trading for 2017.

All i'm getting at is that you're simplifying the finance side of it; I wouldn't bet money on them right now, either...but people that hold the stock, also, shouldn't dump it (especially now...should've done that over a month ago if looking to sell) WILL recover, this isn't the end of EA by any means, they just finally heard 'the people' enough to hopefully make some major adjustments...

with that said, finance wise, this could actually be the time to buy if anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.