Watch the First 15 Minutes of DOOM VFR on PlayStation VR

Watch as VRFocus plays through the tutorial and opening section of DOOM VFR.

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Jinger323d ago

I want to see some gameplay with the Aim Controller.

VTKC323d ago

I imagined you would use the controller to play like normal but being completely immersed by the vr headset so looking around, moving your head would change the view of what the player is facing and seeing. I am confused about VR now.

Vanfernal323d ago

With the normal controller basically you aim where your head is looking at while movement and turning is done with the ds4. Literally think about it as the controller moves your body while the PSVR moves your head. The movement slightly adjusts to where you're aiming but you can only move so far before having to adjust with the right stick (this is all if you choose smooth movement). Personally I'm having the most fun with the two Move controllers and the teleport. Somehow looking around teleporting from place to place while blowing up enemies to chunks makes you feel like a complete badass.

GNCFLYER323d ago

Your in the world so moving your head is like real life. If you turn your head IRL your just looking around. You use the controller to change body position.

Isn't this done with move controllers? The 15 minute demo?