Final Fantasy Rogues Gallery: The Best of the Worst, and Necron

RPGfan writes: "Why should the heroes always get the spotlight? Final Fantasy has had plenty of memorable protagonists in its 30 years, but if every antagonist they faced fell into a cookie cutter "I want to destroy the world because I am bad" stereotype, it wouldn't give us unique motivations to stand off against them in each game. Here, we catalog several of our favorite villains and look into just why they're so compelling. (And yes, spoilers flow freely here, so be warned)"

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BenjaMan64323d ago

Of course Kefka is the best... I'd love a FFVI sequel where we get to see the aftermath of his defeat and the heroes trying to rebuild the world, and all the problems that would come with it.

Yes, Delita is an awesome character. I hated how FF Tactics 2's story was extremely simple and almost kiddy when compared to FFT1's tale, which feaured tons of corruption, lies, conspiracies and treasons.

"BROTHER! It's been too long!" LOL I love the MGS reference.

FallenAngel1984323d ago

Kuja has similarities to every Final Fantasy antagonist that came before him, not just Kefla. That theme of paying homage to the series is a huge theme of FFIX.

Even then there are various differences that make Kuja a completely distinct character from every other FF villain, especially Kefka.

For one Kuja’s vain personality means he’d never cosplay as a jester. In fact he hates them considering how he treats Zorn and Thorn in FFIX and Kefka in Dissidia. He also has a legitimate reason to wanting to destroy the world than doing it for the hell of it nihilistically like Kefka. Also unlike Kefka, Kuja manages to redeem himself in the end of the story in a Shakespearean manner.