Furi announced for Switch, out in early 2018

Furi is coming to Switch, The Game Bakers has announced. The system will be getting the “ultra-fast-paced, combat-action hit” in early 2018. The Game Bakers says that the Switch version will feature “all the content and improvements released so far”.

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RAM0N 321d ago

Nice. I love this game very much.


agreed. I thought this game was awesome and am happy to see it.

Exvalos321d ago

You guys are in for a amazing game It was my 2016 game of the year

wonderfulmonkeyman321d ago

Looking forward to it. Felt a bit like it had a DMC vibe to it, and I love me a good hack&slasher regardless.

LucasRuinedChildhood321d ago

It's a damn awesome game and it was probably my favourite game from last year. You should definitely pick it up. I wouldn't say its like DMC tbh though. It has its own formula (shooting mapped to the right stick like a twin stick shooter, not about combos, lots of dodging/dashing, etc). You'll see when you play it. I'll give you a warning though - the game is going to kick your ass (especially at first).

wonderfulmonkeyman321d ago

Trust me, after the hell I went through trying to beat Rodin in Bayonetta 1 and 2, on top of earning all of the gear, I'm well-accustomed to action games that beat me black and blue. I won't mark the game down for that.XD

TheOttomatic91321d ago

If its 30 fps I'm skipping it.