Five Video Game Foundations That Have Crumbled Away

Neil from Meeple of the Earth, writes, "What follows is a little jaunt down memory lane as we remember those fallen warriors of video game lore and legend. The seeming rock solid foundations of a growing global phenomenon, that crumbled to dust beneath the weight of advancing technology."

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Fist4achin1392d ago

Ahh, the memories. Gaming has come such a long way, I also remember ridiculous load times, disc swapping, and Toys R Us being practically the only place you can find games. My coleco controller was practically a telephone with a joystick.

BrianOBlivion1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

"...arguments regarding hard drive space have become redundant..."

Right, because I'd rather spend hours downloading and then re-downloading a game every time I want to play it -instead of 5 minutes to install from a disc and 5 seconds to delete it.

Uncharted 4 weighs in over 60 gigs...Doom at over 70gigs... Infinite Warfare is over 90... and new 4k assets are in the hundreds of gigs. I have a ridiculously fast one gigabit net connection and it can still take a long time to download big games. I feel sorry for anyone with weak broadband. Yeah sure, digital downloads make sense.../s

My 2 terabyte hard drive is almost completely full of digital-download-only PSN games and I'm already at the point where I'm down to juggling a couple of disc installs. I'm adding another 4 Terabytes just so I can install freely.

Just wait til your hard drive inevitably dies... then tell me again about how enamoured you are of our supposed download-only future.