Unwrap the first PlayStation Store 12 Deals of Christmas offer today

Big new discounts inbound every 48 hours up until 24th December at PlayStation Store.

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The-rain-maker2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

I'm more excited for EA's Christmas , micro transactions to open your gift box, buy loot box to download The game, and enjoy the discount play to win games all Christmas long ! So excited!

2132d ago
Chevalier2132d ago

Wow a loot box to download the game! EA always innovating our game experience. All with the Frostbyte Engine too so that snow will rain like money! Or is it money raining like snow?!

shauzy2131d ago

no the frostbite is in a different more expensive loot box, if you get the game through normal lootbox you'll get source engine 1

2131d ago
2132d ago
bloop2132d ago

Oh dear God. I ended up spending a fortune last year on the 12 deals of Christmas. Must resist!!

thatguyhayat2132d ago

I did the same lol. I spent soo much on black friday sales and worried im gonna do it again

BenjaMan642132d ago

You can't resist forever. Search your feelings. You know it to be true. It is your destiny.

Sevir2132d ago

4 years later and PS4s are still selling out around the holidays... They're gonna own this season big.

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Insomniac Warn Players Of Pre-Launch Spider-Man 2 Spoilers

Insomniac Games are forewarning players of potential spoilers before the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

1Victor9h ago

Yes be careful of spoilers on all media and some posters here , go into blackout mode till you finish it

jznrpg9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

I don’t even like posting spoilers a year or 2 later but I make sure to mark it well when I do.

People who enjoy spoiling things for others are lame

8h ago
7h ago
9h ago
9h ago
CrimsonWing698h ago

I feel like I’m weird or something, spoilers never ruined anything for me. In fact, knowing things and seeing how they unfold makes it even more interesting for me.

Flawlessmic8h ago

I don't actively look for or enjoy spoilers, but I'm kinda similar that if I do come across them, it's doesn't really ruin anything for me.

shinoff21834h ago

Crimson your right I do find that kind of weird. Lol

ThichQuangDuck3h ago

I get you its easier to not be disappointed in the often disappointing stories that way

4h ago
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