Nioh patch 1.21.03 is now available, implementing proper mouse + keyboard controls

As promised, Team Ninja released today a new patch for Nioh that adds proper mouse and keyboard controls to it.

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C-H-E-F2013d ago

Do anyone use the keyboard/mouse options on games on PS4? I ask because until yesterday playing Fortnite, i've never heard anyone doing so.

morganfell2013d ago

Its for the PC version. Which will just get you killed. I have been a PC gamer since the beginning and even I know a game like this is better off with a controller. Third person titles that require SA and such rapid turning are better twin sticked.

C-H-E-F2012d ago

OMG I know it's for the PC, I'm saying in general do people us the Keyboard/Mouse option as I said until yesterday playing fortnite I didn't know anyone that did use it on Console.. The option is almost apparent on most PC --> PS4 game when you go to controller settings for example Fortnite. I play KB&M on PC, but never even thought to do it on the PS3 or PS4. Hence why i brought this up to see if anyone has.

Psychotica2013d ago

I would never be able to play this with a KB+M..

Kocurstvo2013d ago

Good luck playing it with keyboard and mouse... :)

Father__Merrin2013d ago

Not all games are better suited to kB mouse. Tbh even FPS on pc I always use controller as it's more comfortable for play.

Unless it's something like counter strike etc

Perjoss2012d ago

Controller for FPS on PC?

cmon bruh

Father__Merrin2012d ago

I've tried it doesn't work for me, the only one I'm happy to play is counter strike or older games that don't work with controller. I find it much more comfortable but then again my pc is like a console, both the pc and PS4 are rigged to a wall mounted telly all wireless. It's kinda used like a console in a way

oIITSBIIo2012d ago

Aiming with controller is pain in the ass even in 3rd person shooters or single player games M&K is fast and more accurate, and more enjoyable for me.