PlayStation Awards Announced; Persona 5 Wins User's Choice Two Years in a Row

Sony Interactive Entertainment Honors the best selling PlayStation games of the past year in Japan and Asia, alongside those favored by Japanese users.

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notachance319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

everyone who finished it would see it from miles away tho,

it's the kind of games that's dear to you and is most likely your personal GOTY but know it won't get the actual GOTY because it's not as mainstream as titles like Zelda or Mario, and if it went multiplatform you'd be happy instead of angry because that means more people will get to try it, it's that kind of game.

I'd say user's choice is a fitting award, it gave you warm feelings, hard to hate, and you can just feel it in every moments that the devs pour their love onto it.

Summons75319d ago

Persona 5 is more mainstream than Persona 4 was and that hit the mainstream hard. But I agree, great game.

AspiringProGenji319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

This has nothing to do witn being multiplat or not. Do not try to start something like if we are angry about anything. No one who played this should care about that

As for Personal Goty, too many great games this year. I’ll be fine if either Zelda, Horizon, or P5 gets this. But let’s be real, Persona is still too niche for that. Being multiplat won’t change that either

Nitrowolf2319d ago

Oh I see what you did there

Eiyuuou319d ago

I suppose their mind was too fast for eyes.

DarXyde319d ago

Game's reviving JRPG as a genre. Definitely creating rivers in the desert.

AspiringProGenji319d ago

Persona 5 is shape shifting the JRPGs

Ok im going to bed

DarXyde319d ago

Sorry, mate. That fell through.

I wasn't expecting that. I just hope that was your Last Surprise.

And if it wasn't, I respect your Willpower.

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TheKingKratos320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

well done it's great game

Septic320d ago

Really need to get on Persona.

Eonjay319d ago

The best way to describe it is style on steroids. It is impossibly stylish. From the character art down to the menu system.

raWfodog319d ago

I believe its a great series but definitely not for everyone. The first one I played was P3 and loved it. And, for me, they've been getting better ever since. P5 was style personified IMO :) But the series definitely would not appeal to everyone. It's a shame too.

GamesMaster1982320d ago

Really need to give this a proper try. Got to the first dungeon and thought it was ok but not that much to do except read mainly. I mean the into was amazing but from then until the first dungeon hardly anything but reading. Does it get better and more excellent parts like the intro ?. And I'm not against reading or anything just finished Yakuza Zero and Kiwami and thought they were both amazing.

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notachance319d ago

dude you haven't even gotten to the core gameplay

GamesMaster1982319d ago

Thanks will give it more because it was great at the start. So if gameplay and story get up to that level I’m all in. It’s just and hope ya can forgive this but , a bit dull after that excellent opening .

bluefox755319d ago

Yeah, the game has like a 10 hour tutorial, once it picks up though, it's awesome til the end.

_-EDMIX-_319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

"g. Does it get better and more excellent parts like the intro ?"

Um..ok, buddy you can say this about any game, you are talking about mere minutes in a game that I've seen folks beating around the 100 hour mark.

I'm not sure if this is your first rpg or not....seriously. You are playing for minutes yet are now questioning playing then next maybe 100 hours......

Do you legit not see how silly that actually is?

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