Star Wars Battlefront 2 Leak Shows Additional Race Options

A Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC leak has shown the ability to change your character's gender and even race with skins.

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BenjaMan641057d ago

That's interesting. The good factions in Star Wars tend to be compressed of varying races, not just humans; that we could play only as humans was a bit jarring. In the case of the evil factions, the non-humans/droids could be explained as mercenaries hired to help the CIS/Galactic Empire/First Order.

FITSniper1056d ago

The original Empire was meant to mirror the Nazi's view of the purity of the races. So they wouldn't even hire non-humanoids. Thrawn was a rare case where tactical genius trumped dogma. The First Order, maybe. Regardless, only officers aren't wearing helmets anyway.

TekoIie1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

I think there's always been room for alien species within the Empire/First Order but they're extremely rare compared to the Rebellion/Resistance. They're probably only common when it comes to Spies and Bounty Hunters within Imperial employment.

Maybe within an Imperial Remnant if they ever become canon again since in legends i think Storm Troopers did go on to allow other species to serve, but the First Order dogma seems to be on steroids compared to the Empire so for them it's doubtful.

Sciurus_vulgaris1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Thrawn is a Chiss, and therefore a member of human offshot species so that benefited him. The Empire hated near-humans less than other aliens.

FITSniper1056d ago

Just shows you that they've been planning for cosmetic loot boxes all along.

_-EDMIX-_1056d ago


it's simply shows that they already had the designers creating a UI and menu for the specific options that they are planning to roll out over the next couple of years....

It is already been confirmed that Electronic Arts is going to be releasing the downloadable content and season pass for Battlefront completely for free.

Elwenil1056d ago

Yes! Step right up and change your gender and/or you skin and it can be yours for $19.99 each! Plus a little thing we like to call "your soul"!

_-EDMIX-_1056d ago

The season pass for Battlefront is free

quent1056d ago

But the canon guys, think about the canon :(

Summons751056d ago

Wonder how much money in loot boxes they will expect people to pay for a Twi'lek or a Zabrak

quent1056d ago

The twilek dominatrix skin would probably go for 30 bucks

Jinger1056d ago

Well as of now, $0. Considering there aren't MT's, yet.

Summons751056d ago

"Yet" being the keyword.

_-EDMIX-_1056d ago

? Microtransactions have been removed

Also the downloadable content and season passes going to be free for Battlefront 2.

So pay for what?

Summons751056d ago

Microtransactions have been TEMPORARILY removed get that keyword through your head, they WILL be back.

_-EDMIX-_1056d ago

@summon-except the microtransactions that actually existed for Star Wars Battlefront to wear of items that actually could be obtained in the game for free....

That means even if the content were talking about isn't microtransaction that could be purchased it is also content that is going to be distributed completely for free.

Have you actually played this game?

There's a literally nothing inside of this game that can be obtained only by purchasing with money.

For example of the heroes like Darth Vader prior to the removal of the microtransactions could be purchased, but the heroes could also be obtained naturally through natural progression, soooooo maybe you should actually play this game as opposed to just repeating what you're hearing other people say.

So at the end of the day even if this is added as a microtransaction, no one actually needs to buy it to obtain it because all they would have to do was simply play the game to get it.

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