DayZ Beta Won’t Happen in 2017

Bohemia Interactive announced that the DayZ beta and one other major release will be delayed until 2018 while they continue development.

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Nesflix374d ago

DayZ's release will happen never. They're too busy adding new coats and hats and not busy enough fixing this buggy crap.

Marcello374d ago

No not true, in June they gave us a new reticle for the PU scope. This month after waiting all year for a new update there giving us a massive update of absolutely NOTHING !!!

Your continued patience is much appreciated.

JEECE374d ago

That moment when you remember DayZ is still a thing, laugh that it still hasn't properly released even though it should have years ago, and assume that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will do the exact same thing.


PUBG will go gold. M$ has given them a pretty penny for that timed exclusivity...

Grap374d ago

At least PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is functional game. if you bought it today you will get most of what you paid for. DayZ is a buggy [email protected] that has been in alpha since 2011

TeamIcoFan374d ago

And people are giving Star Citizen a hard time...

Marcello374d ago

Yea but Star Citizen is mind blowing.

Ittoittosai374d ago

I think DayZ and others like Ark and Rust are perfect examples of why "early access" shouldnt not be a pay to play model. Early access is pretty much just steams Kicker Starter.

General Shrooms374d ago

There are Rust updates every week.


Ubisoft Montreal (Far Cry, AC, Rainbow 6, For Honor) should just go ahead and put the Far Cry team on an "Ark" style game, they will be done with it sooner lol

Nybz374d ago

Didn’t even know DAYZ was still a thing anymore. Well that’s neat.

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