Bugged visuals mar Quantum Break's impressive Xbox One X upgrade

DF: "When we looked at Quantum Break during the Xbox One X previews, the game impressed visually but performance was a worry. The final release is much smoother, but is marred by visual bugs. Here's the full breakdown."

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TedCruzsTaint324d ago

Still just still a little bitter of even the PC release.
Remedy make fantastic looking games, especially when it comes to their PC releases. Alan Wake is a treat on the PC and, hell, even their Max Payne 2 still really holds up more than 14 years later.
That said, Quantum Break does very little different, in terms of visuals, when it comes to the PC version vs the One version, though still hits much stronger cards disgustingly hard nonetheless. And the biggest gripe, especially for people such as myself, is that they didn't even make an attempt at offering additional power to those running multiple cards. Meaning that people such as myself, who can run games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Witcher 3, in all of their glory, and at 1440p, can't even hit 1080p while holding a solid framerate.

Now we are looking at the X release, and there's still performance and graphical issues to be had. For as impressive as the engine is, I feel they pushed just a bit too hard here. Reminds me of the release of the original Crysis, pushing cards released even half a decade after the fact through their paces. And let's not pretend, as sophisticated as the engine, itself, is, that he is as optimized as it really should be.

TankCrossing324d ago

Quantum Break? Naw man, it was £14.99 in the recent sale.

Lon3wolf324d ago

They can't get it good on a 2k PC how on earth did you think they could do better on a 500 console lol.

stuna1324d ago

Because by Microsoft definition Xbox 1X is comparable to a high-end PC.

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timlot324d ago

DF has been on a mission to find things to be "disappointed" in concerning XB1 X games. Remember nothing but excuses for PS4 Pro. Checkerboad 4k was good enough is what they said about Pro a year ago.

AZRoboto324d ago

That may be due to marketing and the price difference between the two. Sony markets PS4 Pro as "dynamic 4K" and Microsoft markets "True 4K." If "True 4k" games have performance issues in their upgrade, yeah, they should be noted. Any issues for either platform should be noted.

Especially with issues like this:
"There are areas of the game where you can actually see some of the underlying geometry - visible vertices layered on top of the image."

DaGreatOne324d ago

Weren't they the ones that praised the differences in Shadow of War and AC Origins. Not to mention also Rise of the tomb raider.

timotim324d ago

They were generally pleased with this X patch though haha. All they did was point out the obvious graphical issues with flickering which they should. Hopefully Remedy can improve on these issues in a future patch. However, DF has been nothing but amazed at X's ability in comparison to Pro. The infamous "soup" comparison from Shadow of War still pisses off many a fanboy.

Aenea324d ago

Wow, DF being critical on an One X game and they suddenly are anti-MS again, hilarious!

They've also been overly enthusiastic about the One X so I don't see this as them trying to find things wrong. They're just doing their jobs and analyse things, nothing more, nothing less...

BLow324d ago

Checkerboard rendering is PART OF THE PRO!!!!! Man do you fanboys REMEMBER the Pro's reveal. Go watch it on YouTube. Did Cerny not mention this technique at all during the presentation while he was on stage talking?????

Most people not wearing a tin foil hat knows the answer to this question except you blind selective memory fanboys. What freaking planet do you guys live on?????

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