Why Resistance 3 Was An Awful Send Off for the Series

Pure PlayStation: At its core Resistance 3 wasn’t a bad game by any means. Although some would argue it is the weakest in the series (PS Vita’s Burning Skies excluded). Again that doesn’t mean the third entry was unplayable or awful. Insomniac’s Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 were just beloved by the PlayStation community for one reason or another. Why wasn’t the tertiary title in leagues within those two? Let’s just say that I’m hoping a fourth game pops up or a reboot happens in order to tell the story Resistance 3 neglected.

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sammarshall102917d ago

I would love a new resistance built for the PS4 I never got to play the others but they looked amazing from the gameplay I watched

darthv72917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

Resistance 3 was pretty good. i would think the last game in the series released would be considered the send off. And that title is Resistance: Burning Skies on the Vita.

As for a reboot of the series, most definitely yes. After IG is done with spider man they could get to work on a proper Resistance 4 or something along those lines.

Army_of_Darkness917d ago

I'm hoping they remaster resistance 1-3 at 1080p /60fps for us before giving us resistance 4! That would be awesome! And personally, I enjoyed R3 the most! Not gonna lie, it Kinda scarred me at some moments lol!

SpringHeeledJack917d ago

Would like to see the resistance and Killzone universes come together in a game. Where the ISA and Helghast unite to take on on the alien threat. The multiplayer would be pretty spectacular.

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RememberThe357917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

To this day R3 has had the smoothest FPS controls I've ever used, and that was on the dualshock 3. The game was gorgeous and felt amazing to play. R3 was under rated and was a great send off to the series IMO.

G20WLY917d ago

The graphics were phenomenal on PS3, the dust storm alone was jaw dropping for the time.

I remember how tense the boat ride was too. Sound was great. Eerily quiet, creaking, water lapping, then BAM!!

Silly gameAr917d ago

I loved it too. I got the platinum trophy for it.

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FallenAngel1984919d ago

Resistance 3 ended the series on a high note

Araragifeels 917d ago

Well the ending was crazy. MC in Resistance 3 should have broken his leg after falling down from a high platform. But I guess Plot armor was OP that MC did a couple of times like nothing.

Lexreborn2917d ago

I'm pretty sure 100% of the games we know and love the characters should be dead from the opening sequence.

MrSwankSinatra919d ago

Ummm, excuse me. Resistance 3 was the best by far.

Michiel1989917d ago

My favorite was the first one, but all of them were really great games. Really loved the multiplayer in R3

Movefasta1993917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

Number 1 by far,I replayed it 2 years ago and the game has only aged graphically.the pacing ,level design and the weapons are on heir own league. Res 3 had a more personal story but 1 had the second best mp after 2 which had a great mp (both competitive and coop). 3’s mp was a huge step down but it was still fun

morganfell917d ago

Agreed MrSwankSinatra. Loved 3 the most and the coop campaign was incredible. Also one of the best 3D games on the PS3.

SickSinceSix919d ago

Weird, it's regarded by many as the best in the series, although the original is still my favorite.

isarai919d ago

What? The general consensus i got was that it was the best in the series. In fact hearing that so often was the only reason i borrowed my friends ps3 to go back and play it after i sold my ps3 towards a ps4.