DOOM VFR’s Release is Imminent, Why This is Great for VR

VR's getting what it needs, one of the most iconic videogame franchises.

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guywazeldatatt323d ago

playing the game on switch I can't imagine what it will be like on VR.

G20WLY322d ago

Looks really good, mate. The early videos showed teleportation movement (which turned me right off), but since then it's been shown with regular smooth motion. Now it's a day one for me!

Venox2008322d ago

And Aim controller support :)

S2Killinit323d ago

its going to be fun on PSVR. I'll play it even though I'm not usually into FPS.

FyBy322d ago

With AIM Controller this is must buy!

G20WLY322d ago

After the latest video... DAY ONE!

322d ago
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