Why Kojima puts ‘a Hideo Kojima game’ in his works

In an essay published by Glixel, Hideo Kojima talks about Guillermo del Toro’s latest movie, The Shape of Water. In it he discusses the difficulties of retaining authorship over a large production in a market driven industry – whether it be Hollywood or the AAA games industry. However, Kojima feels that the ‘creator’s soul’ is important for the creation, and for that reason he labels his own games with the famous ‘a Hideo Kojima game’ line, in the same way The Shape of Water is ‘a Guillermo del Toro film’.

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-Foxtrot326d ago

Don't know why people are disagreeing...I like the guy but he does come off as a times a little big headed.

I mean the amount of times it was used in MGSV alone.

Hell they started selling mugs, shirts and other merchandise of his new studio before it had even gotten it's self off the ground.

gangsta_red326d ago

It reminds me of M. Night who just automatically starting putting his name on movies. Not saying Kojima makes shitty ass games but it all has to do with ego.

bloop326d ago

A Hideo Kojima article.

bluefox755326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Same. I'm a fan of his work, but I don't know how anyone can deny that he's a bit full of himself.

cooperdnizzle326d ago

Because he is a Legend, so he can market and sale a brand aka his new studio. Of course he has an ego everybody has an ego. He has a proven track record of being great. In my opinion that is when I little ego is okay. Put up or shut up... He puts up

_-EDMIX-_326d ago

He's also trying to establish that game developers need to still be given their actual credit for the work they create I mean that would be like a director not putting his name on a film he created or an author not putting their name on a book they wrote.

You don't need to like Kojima but what he's done for gaming is absolutely huge he's been able to give a face and a name to his projects as opposed to games basically being faceless and regards to their Developers. I would say the only other person that has been able to do something like that is Shakira Miyamoto.

ecchiless326d ago


who the fck is shakira miyamoto? the daugther of shakira the singer and shigeru miyamoto? she also make games?

_-EDMIX-_326d ago

@ecc- lol I thought I hit edit.

It's fine lol

ooquis326d ago

Foxtrot, let's first wait for death stranding then we can judge whether he's got a ego problem.

DarXyde326d ago (Edited 326d ago )


Except M. Night made ONE movie in the nineties that was passable (The Sixth Sense) and everyone started calling him the "master of suspense". What rubbish. I'm incapable of forgiving him after The Last Airbender.

I think M. Night just hasn't earned that right. At all. I do believe that Kojima at times comes off as very sure of himself, but he's also remarkably humble. He even conceded that MGS V is inferior to GTA V before either game even released. For me, I think it's partly ego, but I also believe it's more a matter of product identity so people who love his work know to look for his games and what to expect. There are certain themes Kojima tries to inject into his works. Rather than comparing him to M. Night, I think it's more appropriate to compare his "A Hideo Kojima Game" branding to "Stanley Kubrick's...". There are certain expectations that come with enjoying their works and people who follow(ed) their works have a general sense of what some themes may be. In my experience, it's very rare to have someone who likes one of Kubrick's films and hates others or vice versa. I feel similarly about Kojima. Kojima's case, it'll be a memorable experience that may take a couple of plays to fully understand.

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TekoIie326d ago

Yeh i feel a bit the same about this.

I hope this doesn't mean we end up seeing "A David Cage game" plastered over box art in the future.

fluxmulder326d ago

No kidding. I liked how there was a credits sequence before every single main mission in MGSV.

generic-user-name326d ago

Then he has loads in common with a bunch of fanboys on this site.

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2pacalypsenow327d ago

Because their his games.

Directors do it for their movies all the time.

_-EDMIX-_326d ago

Apparently you're not allowed to take credit for the work you created

gangsta_red326d ago

Yes, because credits at the end of the game and sometimes in options don't exist.

Absolutely no one said he wasn't suppose to take credit for his work.

Damthatsword326d ago

Ahhh i guess that explains why no one else does it....wait.

masterfox327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Because he knows when he makes a game is going to be awesome!, no seriously he did a freaking PS2 mech game with perfect controls, something very rare for this type of games, this with only one try.

360ICE326d ago

*Two tries
Zone of the Enders was good, maybe even better than its sequel, but controls in ZoE2 were drastically improved

strayanalog327d ago

Always thought Kojima did it because his games were like movies, so he was trying to transcend.‎

MonChiChi326d ago

Pretty sure thats the jist of it. He is a huge movie nut.

Imalwaysright326d ago

The movie conversations between the paramedic and Snake in MGS3 is one of the many reasons that makes it the best game I ever played.

Knushwood Butt327d ago

In the same way he ripped off John Carpenter.

Oh, wait, I wonder where he got the idea for Snake from?????

Paytaa326d ago

Escape From NY is still one of my favorite movies of all time

MonChiChi326d ago

Yep, I own the film and still wound up DVR'ing it couple months back lol.

Knushwood Butt325d ago

Same here.

The Thing is better, but I can always watch EFNY again.

You're A number one !

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