Revisit Star Ocean - The Last Hope With the 4K and HD Remaster Today

Square Enix is releasing an HD and 4K remaster of Star Ocean - The Last Hope today on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4.

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addictedtochaos419d ago

Pass. This series died when part 3 released.

Gaming4Life1981419d ago

Yea I used to love star ocean but this one was so horrible it killed the series for me.

aarogree419d ago

Maybe it's because its the only Star Ocean game I've ever played (well, rented, actually) but I didn't mind it too much. Was it really that bad or was it just the voice acting?

Eonjay419d ago

its better than 5... purchasing now.

Auron419d ago

Um Nope i own it on ps3 and 360 im not buying it again.

aarogree419d ago

It's probably for the people who never got it on PS3 and 360.

_-EDMIX-_419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

ok...then don't.

I never got this game on PS3 and actually want to play it maybe later next year, why should I play the worst version? If its a HD remaster, then I'd rather my first time with the game, be in HD or 4k don't you think?

Not everything is about you Auron, not so tough without your doublecast huh? lol

Auron418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Really though The game could simply be backwards compat on xbox one and then X enhanced to native 4k! And well for ps4 only owners i guess theyre out of luck with that option. But come on star ocean 2 is where its at. Not this one.