Square Enix Is Dedicating Considerable Resources To Marvel's Avengers Project, Says CEO

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda revealed that the company is dedicating considerable development resources to Marvel's Avengers project.

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ccgr2422d ago

Looking forward to see what they do with it

codelyoko2422d ago

Damn right. It's been ages since any decent Marvel game came out!

KaiPow2422d ago

Marvel Heroes was alright (after the relaunch) but now that's gone away.

2422d ago
chrisx2422d ago

Hope there's major focus on SP.

Imalwaysright2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Huh yes?! Rise of TR, Deus Ex, Life is Strange and Nier (published by them), Hitman and FF15 are their only recent games that come to mind and in the (hopefully) near future from them I can only think of Kingdom Hearts and FF7 remake.

Godmars2902421d ago

All of those games save FF15 were published by them, with the last a pretentious ten year mess that even launched incomplete.

Should have said Square Enix, which is just living off the bones of Squaresoft while trying to become the EA of the East.

Soulst0rmer2422d ago

Square is majorly focused on single player. their biggest issue is that they want to make all these stupid chibi mobile games

-Foxtrot2421d ago

Hopefully but one of their job listings a while back said something along the lines of..."An Online 3rd person cover based game" or something.

odderz2422d ago

Let's just hope it's above the quality of most Marvel games... They got the movies right for the most part, now time for a really good game!

Cybermario2422d ago

having high hopes for this!

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OtterX4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

You'd think they would have packed the lineup after announcing an impending price increase in Sept.

Bathyj17m ago

That would just be throwing good money after bad at this point. Microsoft needs to just drop this failed experiment altogether, leave Xbox in the wind and become the biggest 3rd party publisher on the planet. It's the only way they will ever be successful in gaming.

Petebloodyonion3m ago

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