Not so Final Fantasy – Is Cecil the Series’ Greatest Protagonist?

Cecil Harvey, protagonist of SNES gem Final Fantasy IV, is widely regarded as one of the series’ finest characters.

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PhoenixUp323d ago

“But, charming as they are, they make for slightly one-dimensional protagonists.”

No it does not. Just because a character is upbeat doesn’t mean they have no depth. Saying a character that’s constantly broods is the epitome of a well rounded personality is extremely salacious.

Zidane for example is revealed to feel very insecure and lonely internally because he has no memories of his past and no real family aside from Trantalus. The reason he's so friendly and outgoing is to conceal the fact.

In fact despite being only 16 and younger than the majority of Final Fantasy heroes, he's very mature and intelligent. As well, while some of the other heroes are emotionally crippled due to their self-doubt and insecurities, Zidane copes with his by acting overly friendly and cheerful. It, of course, still leads to eventual problems, but for the most part he's much better adjusted than some of the heroes several years older than him.

He has various other character traits that add to his rounded personality and stands as blatant proof alongside Ramza, Tidus, Vaan, & Noctis that a character doesn’t need to always be constantly angsting to have depth.

Sirk7x322d ago

Zidane is the man, and FFIX still stands as the finest game in the series.