Top 20 Xbox Games (10-1)

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Welcome to part two of our look at the best games to ever release for the original Xbox. As games for the system start to become available for download on the new Xbox One we are taking a look at which games not only defined Microsoft’s tank of a console but which ones we most want to see re-released so we can enjoy them all over again. So which games were the best of the OG Xbox? Read on to find out and make sure to check out part one right here."

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NullPointer350d ago

Super solid list! Glad to see Riddick in there.

Bigpappy350d ago

Morrowind was and is the game I enjoyed and played more than any single game in my entire gaming life. But that is a nice list and I did play and enjoy all of those except for GTA, which I have never really got into one until 4.