2018 Is Going to Be a “Big Year” for Final Fantasy According to Shinji Hashimoto

Final Fantasy Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto goes into full teasing mode, mentioning that 2018 will be a "big year" for the franchise.

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chrisx322d ago

Keeping my expectations low but surprises are welcome.

PhoenixUp322d ago

Will FFXVI get announced next year?

_-EDMIX-_322d ago

I actually think it's a huge likeliness that Final Fantasy 14 is going to come to the Nintendo switch, Final Fantasy VII remake part 1 is going to release fall of next year, Final Fantasy 16 is going to be announced.

ZaWarudo322d ago

A whole bunch of mobile games and an estimated time frame for FFVII remake that will most definitely miss.

MeteorPanda322d ago

With woff coming to mobile and ignoring sony...yeah, i hope they dont announce ff16 til fg7r is out the gates and on a healthy time schedule

_-EDMIX-_322d ago

Well considering they're probably going to be made by different teams I actually don't think it's as relevant as you might think.

-Gespenst-322d ago

I feel like they say this every year...

Anyway, hopefully this means VII Remake details, X-3, and XVI.

Summons75322d ago

We don't need X-3...X-2 was trash enough. Details on 7 remake would be nice, like a release date on EP1. XVI they should wait until it's close to completion, not 10 years too early.

-Gespenst-321d ago

X-2 rocks, and Shinji Hashimoto has already basically said that they're going to make X-3. Also Motomu Toriyama has been working on something for ages which might just be X-3.

As for XVI, there's rumors that Hiroyuki Ito and his team have been secretly working on it for a long time. If this is true, an announcement next year would make perfect sense.

Summons75321d ago

X-3 still isn't needed. X-2 was not only trash and a weeaboo's wet dream of anime girl dress up but it also ruined the ending of X which may not be the best of the best FF games but it was still really fun and had a great ending. Waste of time.

-Gespenst-321d ago

Well X is probably my favorite Final Fantasy game, but you're definitely not giving X-2 enough credit. Great music, great battle system, good story, good voice work, and an excuse to return to Spira. I'm no weeaboo, but I love X-2. Sounds to me like you might not have given it the chance it deserves. I've played it to 100% completion like twice. It's not as good as X, but it's still good.

MunchMiller00322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

*yawn* Judging by your last 10 years or so? You'll forgive me if I kindly don't give a crap. SE has released nothing but garbage from their internal studios, FF included.

They're lucky they scooped up Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. Nothing like "buying" your competence I suppose.

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The story is too old to be commented.