VR Headset Shipments Exceed 1 Million Units In Q3 2017

PlayStation VR is market leader, with Oculus Rift in second and HTC Vive in third.

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"in the three months leading up to 30th September, more than 1 million headsets were sold worldwide for the first time. Canalys reports that PlayStation VR was the market leader shipping more than 490,000 head-mounted displays (HMDs) in Q3 2017."

That is half a million PSVR sold in just 3 months and all before the holiday rush and Black Friday deals. So it will sell a least another 750,000 to 1 million units before between Oct-Dec. Which will put it at around 3 million install base.

So much for the agenda some try to push on here eh?

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The funny thing about that Cupid, is that you could see the *other side* heavily in the thread bashing PSVR for its obvious holiday season discount deals but neglected that Xbox one was being almost given away as low as $169.

If PSVR was being discontinued and having a fire sale, what did that make Xbox one's price? It's sad and funny that the Xbox one is selling almost as low as the controller that plays on it.

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As much as I applaud Sony's contribution in console VR and VR in general, I cant help but think that the future will be more on the AR side rather than the VR side, simply because the option with no HMD will always be more user friendly and in-turn more popular (when it exists, if it actually works as you'd think it should and reasonably priced). So I really hope Sony doesnt put all their chips on VR alone and does some R&D on a VR/AR hybrid unit for PSVR 2.0.

That said, in the here and now PSVR is a worthy effort and a must buy for any gamer out there looking for something different and immersive.

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I think it will involve some AR - Samsung for example has said their next Gear VR will have AR features, but there is a limit to the immersion you can get with AR. Indoors in your home will have its limits. When you start asking people to go outside with that headset on it starts to lose the appeal. What was done with Pokemon Go won't translate to an AR headset.

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I think AR is useful. I have visions of putting on a wireless HMD in an open area with a gun shaped controller in my hands, placing me in the middle of a battle with explosions going off around me. You would need AR to keep you from running into things...

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Exactly, they havent tried VR and shit on it because of Sony.

They then defend the more expensive HTC and Occulus versions, saying they started before Sony and have more games.

Pretty pathetic stance as usual from the Xbox crowd.

Wait till next gen when MS get VR itll be the rave of the town.

Its pretty hilarious how they crap on anything Sony releated.

Just piss in the wind by the sound of Sonys sales numbers. They dont understand their little existense has no sway on the market.

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Sorry guys, I wrote the following comment earlier but it got lost in the 'innapropriate' tag.

**The truth of the matter is simple, VR/AR is one of the fastest growing technologies we have. In the next 3 years, the VR/AR market will be a whopping $100 Billion (with a 'B').

In that meantime Sony has already positioned themselves as a leader in the market. So on consoles, when people think VR, they think Psvr (Brand Power/Recognition), the same way when the planet thinks of gaming console, they think PlayStation which is why they're able to push almost half a billion consoles in just 20 years.

Furthermore, any next generation console that releases without a VR option is DOA. So the questions people need to ask themselves is this; which one of the Big 3 is already miles ahead in that department with actual hard data on what works and work for VR? Which one of the Big 3 will provide an existing fanbase for VR game studios, which in turn, translate to exclusives? Which one of the 3 already has and plans on acquiring a wealthy roster of first party VR studios?

When next Gen is gets here, VR game studios will feel much safer making games for the PlayStation platform and PSVR2 since they will already have an existing install base of 7-10 million PSVR gamers that makes it less of risk VS everyone else who will be behind the curve.

It always seems like one company is playing checkers, while the other one is play chess. I'll let you guess who the chess master is..**

stuna11465d ago

Exactly, and now that PSVR has talken center stage as VR goes you can bet your last dollar that a much better upgrade is in the works that will put it in the high-end territory of technology, but at a cheaper price.Which will likely coincide with the release of PS5.

Sony knows what they are doing, even we don't think they do!

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Using my Oculus headset right now to view this, lol.

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