10 Xbox 360 Games That Should be Enhanced on Xbox One X

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "The Xbox One X has brought some impressive upgrades to not only Xbox One games, but a number of Xbox 360 titles and here are some more of the Xbox Backwards Compatible library that should be enhanced."

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Ashunderfire86416d ago

Yes these games all need to be enhanced, but what about backward capability to Xbox games like Deus Ex Invisible War, Brute Force, Shenmue 2, Blood Wake, and even Breakdown. The original Xbox had the most original games out of all Xbox systems.

skycaptin5416d ago

It's mostly just a waiting game on Original Xbox titles, I imagine there are many issues around the licensing and that's probably the biggest problem in making those games available.

maybelovehate415d ago

Yeah, but I would add Jet Set Radio Future and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to that list.

kevnb415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

morrowind :) They already enhanced oblivion.

Pantz415d ago

I want them all! Even if they're not enhanced they're still lookin good on a 4K TV with Xbox One X.

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GrimReaperGamer415d ago

My 10 games would be Gears Of War 2, Dead Space 1, 2, 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, Blue Dragon, Fable Anniversary, Fable II, Shadows of the Damned, Army of Two.

415d ago
Cyborgg415d ago

Feels like Xbox fanboys rely on old games now.

JackBNimble415d ago

Well I wouldn't complain if I could have my ps3 library available on ps4.

Kiwi66415d ago

Along with the new games

fhizikz415d ago

Splinter cell : blacklist please

CBaoth415d ago

I feel MS should approach this in a two-pronged attack. Focus half on patching brand exclusives and the other half on securing popular 3rd party 7th gen games. Give the library a robust selection of exclusive and popular titles that might entice people that don't traditionally game on MS consoles a reason to. Because of this, 10 games feels way too restricted for me. In the former group there are some obvious titles like Gears 2, Halo Reach, LO, Crackdown, Alan Wakes, and the Fables. While MS doesn't have the output of the other two in terms of exclusive content, collectively between 3 libraries MS can provide some real value for their newest console.

As for the latter, I don't see the point of licensing just a single game in a franchise so you'd have to pull a major coup with series like Mass Effect and Dead Space and patch all 3 games. Try to provide some updates to 3rd party experiences not accessible to Sony or Nintendo audiences like Witcher 2 and Left4Dead1&2. Both the Black Ops and Modern Warfare trilogies would make ideal choices as well given the correlation of the 360's success and the ascension of Call of Duty as the biggest annual IP in gaming. BF Bad Company 2, GTA 4, Borderlands, Dragon's Age Origins, New Vegas, Splinter Cells, the Orange Box, and Red Dead are all great choices too.

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