Revisiting Resident Evil 5

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Resident Evil 5 was a definite change of tone for the series making a move towards action and the first designed to focus on two player cooperative action."

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PhoenixUp416d ago

"Resident Evil 5 was a definite change of tone for the series making a move towards action and the first to fully feature cooperative action."

Resident Evil: Outbreak begs to differ. It introduced co-op to the series 6 years before Resident Evil 5 was released.

skycaptin5416d ago

Had meant that it was designed with two players in mind with the "fully feature cooperative action", just simplified it which was a mistake.

UltraNova416d ago

The whole game was a mistake. A mistake i had to learn about when I bought the gold edition. Clanky and stale are the two words that stuck.

-Foxtrot416d ago

Good game...not Resident Evil

Resident Evil 4.5 will always be the true RE5

That game could have molded RE6 to be better.

416d ago
awdevoftw416d ago

I liked this game. It was more action oriented, but was not a bad game at all. It gets a bad rap for little reason.

Shiken416d ago

I played this game in co op with my sister from start to finish and thought it was great. Same with Army of Two.

I can see where RE5 could have been lackluster on SP though, especially considering how bad your ally AI was reported to be. But as a pure co op experience, it was great!.

bluefox755416d ago

I enjoyed the game. You have to have the right expectations. If you go in expecting RE4, you'll be disappointed. If you judge the game on it's own merits, it's not too bad.

CrimsonWing69416d ago

You know, I'm a long time RE fan and yes I prefer the older games to the modern games, but I freaking loved this game. I liked the Wesker fight that required actual co-op gameplay rather than a contest of who can shoot more enemies.

The one where one of you fired a rocket, the other shoots it in Wekser's hand, one guy runs up to hold Wekser, the other injects the serum into his neck.

Like that was great playing it with my friend.

Full disclaimer though I liked 6 as well, so take from that what you will...

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The story is too old to be commented.