14-Year Old Video Game Cheater Sued, Mom Says He's A Scapegoat

Last month, Epic took the unusual step of not just banning two Fortnite players from the game for cheating, but taking them to court. It’s since been revealed that one of the accused is only 14 years old, and his mother is not happy.

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Death1892d ago

Wow. So the kid posts a vid on how cool it is to cheat at Fortnite. Epic sends a letter demanding he take down the vid or they sick lawyers after him. Instead of taking the vid down he sends a DMCA counterclaim. Epic sends the lawyers. Seems pretty cut and dry.

C-H-E-F1891d ago

exactly, that's what he gets, and his parents SHOULDN'T be letting their CHILD play a shooting game. I wasn't allowed when I was younger, so I had to get my older brother to ask for the games and then i'd watch him play games like Metal Gear Solid until I was old enough to play those games (17).

DonkeyWalrus1891d ago

Wow dude that's pretty lame

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goldwyncq1891d ago

Just because you were deprived as a child doesn't mean others have to be as well.

C-H-E-F1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Seriously? so you'd let a child watch a rated R movie? Porn at the age of 5/6?Yall really don't have an idea of brain development.

Edit: however to each their own, i'll raise my future children the way i see fit and yall do the same... I'll tell you one thing though, most of these mass shootings are happening by people exposed to violence at a young age, not saying games cause it, but violence in general. Rather it's bullying, movies, tv shows, parents assaulting one another etc. So i WILL expose my future children to as little violence as I can while they are adolescents.

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AnubisG1891d ago

You could not play it but you could watch it? That makes no sense.

No, no one should let a 5 year old watch porn. What a stupid thing to say. Fortnite is a kiddie game. Very cartoonish, small kids can play that, it's ok. I have a 3 year old and I'm already showing her Spyro the Dragon, Croc, Crash Bandicoot and The Castle of Illusions. Fortnite not just yet. But if she will be around 10, than yeah.

I was 12 when I played all sorts of crazy games and I turned out fine. Did not harm anyone in my life and can tell the difference between real life and a video game.

That is what your parents should have tought you instead of not pletting you play but letting you watch those games. That what happens in video games is not real but make belief.

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BLAKHOODe1891d ago

You're trollin', right?

Assuming you're not, there is no denying that violence, rather being a witness to it or being involved directly, can screw up one's mind. But trying to avoid it is practically impossible and therefore irresponsible. It's an unfortunate part of life that you're going to be exposed to violence.. just watch the news. ***The important thing to teach a child is how to differentiate real world violence and "make believe" violence.*** Otherwise, you're going to be raising a wuss that's going to get slaughtered by the real world when they grow up and you're not around to hold their hand crossing the street.

EatCrow1891d ago

Well he is 14. He is getting to that dialogue oriented time period. You can't strangle your kids into submission at this point. This is where you have to be actually talking with them in order to create a more mature relationship instead of maintaining a childlike one.

FullmetalRoyale1891d ago

The first rated M game I played was God of War, and I bought it for myself at seventeen.
I do what my mother did with me for movies as a child; I go through it beforehand to see if I think it is appropriate for my child.
Not all R ratings, and not all M ratings are created equal after all.

lellkay1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Lame, just because your parents didn't let you doesn't mean he shouldn't. This isn't about age, this is about the kid not taking down the video after being asked to.

lellkay1891d ago

Education in a mature way from parents is far more effective than "not letting them play, but they can watch their brother" jesus thats ridiculous.

It's just a game, and if the kid is mature enough to play it and understand that its just a game, so be it.

C-H-E-F1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )


And that is true, not all games are bad, nor movies, age appropriate material should be exposed to children.

As to all the clowns out there, my brother played the game I used to sneak and watch him play it. I wasn't supposed to and he educated me on things that are bad in real life that's in the game.

When I play GTAV, i hear so many CHILDREN on that game, that is definitely not a game an 8 year old should play but they do, the same with COD, BF, and other games of that nature. And I went to all genres, from games to movies, tv shows etc. to just show that Games are rated M for mature (17+) why would you allow your child to play GTAV for example at an age earlier but not want to expose them to a rated R movie, or porn or a tv show that shows violence. But hey, this will be yall kids that you're raising so you can do what you will with them.

As for the millennial crap, dude anyone born after 1978 - early 00's is a millennial, so stop that crap, just following fox news and saying anything that you heard without much research so go back to your cave..

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adamwparker1891d ago

My daughter just turned 5 yesterday. YESTERDAY. And throughout her whole last year of being four, she had played Lego Jurassic Park and Minecraft a lot early on. Then, once games like Minecraft trained her how the thumbsticks control a character(left moves, right looks) and she became used to that, she explored on No Man's Sky(creative mode), fights robots on Horizon:Zero Dawn(and has a blast doing it), we team up on FIFA, and we even play ARC:Survival together split screen because she loves riding the dinosaurs and exploring.

What I'm basically saying here is that, even though my girl is very young for video games, with proper teaching and vetting, plenty of games with violence can be fine for them. It's how you show them what's proper and what's not, when it comes to the real world. As long as you've established with them that it's just a game, your child should just be able to have fun like everyone else.

Keep in mind though, with physical violence and scary images throughout many of the games she plays, I still do hold a line at language and nudity. I don't buy GTA games because I can't filter/control the audio. And games like Witcher(which surprised me with some nudes) I waited to play until she was in bed.

The only thing that bothers me about my daughters gaming experience is how the PS4 controller is so darn big in her hands and I know it is uncomfortable for her.
Luckily, child size controllers are FINALLY coming out in a couple weeks! #ChristmasPresent

Some small children get video games quickly, others take more time, but either way, I think it's better to introduce them to the spectrum in a timely and learning manner rather than just shield them until their 16.

gamer78041891d ago

While i agree he's getting what he deserves, ill leave the parenting aspect up to each parent as they are the ones raising them.

generic-user-name1891d ago

Nearly spat my half-chewed cocktail sausage out of my mouth when I got to '17'.

DialgaMarine1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

That’s kindof silly. Fortnite is rated T for Teen, and it’s a relatively juvenile game in terms of dialogue and violence. I see no reason why a 14 year old can’t play it. Not sure how you can possibly compare it to a R rated film or porn.

Artemidorus1891d ago

You missed out on a potential good childhood gaming wise.

trooper_1891d ago

Lol, I was playing some violent games when I was younger. At least I could tell the difference between reality and fiction.

TheHan1890d ago

I agree 100% Kids shouldn’t be playing games that aren’t for their age bracket. Same goes for parents who buys those games for their children. They need to stop and be sure it’s rated properly for the child.

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rainslacker1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Dunno why the mother is upset. Sure, he's a scapegoat. Doesn't mean the kid didn't do something wrong. Just because you are made an example of doesn't mean that you are clear of any wrong doing.

Maybe discipline the kid, instead of trying to assuage his wrong doing. 14yo is old enough to distinguish between right and wrong, and old enough to be held accountable for one's actions.

TheSaint1890d ago

Him and his mother hit disagree.

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Many-hat51891d ago

This game isn't doing too well,commercially. It has nothing to do with a 14yr old cheating. With that in mind, it is highly unlikely that Epic can win this, and quite frankly, they shouldn't. However, the legal system is as corrupt as any other, we see this time and again. To Epic. You don't take 14yr old boys to court for alleged cheating in a video game, you just don't do that. 14yr old's cheat because they don't have the maturity to understand beyond their own selfishness, It's called growing up. Epic are the ones who should know better, they're the ones behaving like 14yr old's, imo. Just because they can. So,there!

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TankCrossing1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Epic aren't doing anything unreasonable. They submitted a copyright takedown notice to remove a video from Youtube.

Once the DMCA counterclaim has been filed, Epic must either drop their claim and allow the video (and subsequent videos of the same nature) to remain on youtube, or follow through with the legal procedings. He isn't being "sued for cheating", and he opted into these legal procedings of his own accord because he didn't want to comply with the copyright holder removing his video.

They also haven't disclosed the child's identity. He did that himself when he typed his name into the DMCA counterclaim, which is public record.

Ittoittosai1891d ago

He is 14 he cant legally opt in on anything legal or otherwise with out parental consent so there goes that argument.

TankCrossing1891d ago

Ittoittosai hath spoken. Expect the case to be thrown out, and the video to be made available on Youtube immediately.

Oh no wait, you don't know what you're talking about.

morganfell1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Expect Parental Civil Liability laws to kick in quickly as well as Parental Negligence statutes. Do you think Epic would bring a case their lawyers told them they couldn't win? To do so would be to invite everyone to act like this 14 year old. People need to wise up and realize that it is the parents that will ultimately be held responsible.

Even her opening statement invites it: She says that Fortnite’s terms require parental consent for minors, and that she never gave this consent.

That puts the blame clearly on her as part of Parental Negligence.

CrimzonRazor1891d ago

Not sure why you think the game isnt doing well, its got millions of players.

Cobra9511891d ago

How sick has this industry gotten? Suing a minor for cheating in a game--and not some individual idiot with money doing it for the lols, but freaking Epic Games. So if I play an Epic FREE-to-play game, and I manage to have fun with it for FREE for a long while, do I get sued next? One more thing for me to hate about this predatory business model.

The best ammunition the mother has is the release of the kid's name to the public. A good lawyer should be able to turn that into a wallop of a counterclaim.

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Cryptcuzz1891d ago

I hate cheaters, as they ruin so many peoples enjoyment of playing games the normal way. Not everyone has the luxury of playing games any time they would like (work, school, raising kids, etc.) So it's hard to emphasize with the kid who did this. Who knows how many days/evenings of gaming he has ruined for others since this whole incident occurred.

Mr Lahey1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

You guys support Epic on this!?

"She says the case is based on a loss of profits, but argues that it’s a free-to-play video game, and that in order to prove a loss Epic would need to provide a statement certifying that Rogers’ cheating directly caused a “mass profit loss”."

That's basically Epic bringing a kid to court over Microtransactions..

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rainslacker1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

So, the woman is an idiot and doesn't realize that F2P doesn't mean non-profit, so it's not a valid case?

The case is that Epic filed a DMCA claim. The kid filed a counter-claim, at which point Epic either had to drop the claim, or sue over it. Pretty standard fare. Epic isn't the first company that has done this, nor will they be the last. The thing is though, most people actually just drop it at the DMCA claim, and sometimes, companies don't follow through on the counter claim. Epic is one of those companies that does it to the point of being boilerplate.

All DMCA claims are based on loss of profit, but that profit doesn't have to be significant, or even real.

But lets break it down to what could be harmful to Epic over this....or at least how they're likely to present it in court.

Epic will show that it was possible to circumvent the game code, and thus violated TOS, and that by posting a video of such a thing, it encouraged or demonstrated to others how to do it. Such a thing could indeed cause a loss of profit.

Whether it's about the avoidance of MT or not is inconsequential to the overall problem the kid has right now, because despite MT...or people's feelings over them....Epic is within their rights to protect their own IP, and revenue stream.

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