Ghost of Tsushima: Dear Sony, Please Give Us the Japanese Voice Track

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima is extremely intriguing, but not providing western gamers with the Japanese voice track would be a missed opportunity.

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chrisx329d ago

Japanese voice track would be awesome, but its not a deal breaker for me. Can't wait for this beauty.

Abriael329d ago

Of course it's not a deal breaker. But yeah, it would be nice :D

NewMonday329d ago

usually don't care but for this it's a must.

Soulst0rmer329d ago

This is a dream come true! Like playing in an Akira Kurisawa film and all the dreams of what I wanted in a true open world samurai game (hopefully). This will be the next Horizon Zero Dawn in terms of action and story but I'm betting better. Damn and Days Gone too... Sony is delivering the massive games!

rainslacker328d ago

Not sure why it really matters since the game is actually a western production, with western actors(although I think at least one is actually Japanese), speaking English as the primary source to do mo-cap/animations and what not

The days where the Japanese voice actors were significantly better than the English ones are long gone, and usually only crop up once in a while in poor productions. Heck, I've heard dubs which were much better than their original Japanese counterparts.

Mr-Dude328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

I rather have them speak Japanese since the game story is located in Japan in feudal Japan... I don't want britisch/ US accents like AC games had.... Or at least a Japanese voice option. And I disagree, for me it's original before dubs.

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UCForce329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

I do like this. It does remind me from The Last Samurai.

sampsonon328d ago

It really doesn't remind me of that movie but i don't think your comment is worth a down vote either. it's your opinion.

morganfell328d ago

I didn't downvote you either but it does not remind me of TLS. This is about more than katanas and haori. First they aren't trying to take a situation at the heart of change for Japan and shove a Caucasian character into he lead role. Really a shame since Ken Watanabe was there. The Mongol Invasions of Japan possessed a wholly different character versus that found in the Meiji Restoration period and the fall of the samurai. There is every chance you will have to deal with not only the forces of Kublai Khan but also the piracy that was rife during that period.

Hopefully they will not murder history the way they did with TLS - really can't stand that movie - and not try to stretch anything to fit just because someone thinks "it would be cool" (i.e Masamune wasn't smithing during the invasions)

blackblades328d ago

That movie also had japanese accent english. So just give us some japanese accents then I'll be fine.

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-Foxtrot328d ago

This game seems like it's begging for a good soundtrack mixed with good Japanese based songs. Like something Kill Bill did when it had the Flower of Carnage or Urami Bushi

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