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From a commercial standpoint Activision seems to be making a comeback with the series, but from a design aspect, WWII is not the phoenix-from-the-ashes that Activision wanted it to be, and is a worrying sign of things to come.

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MVGeneral1341d ago

Just hear me out before you downvote me. This is One of those games, that even with all the crap it gets I buy every iteration. And it will continue to sell well forever. For the simple reason, that it has become and still is the king of competitive fps shooter. It has the biggest fanbase. All my friends buy it. I tried last year to get all my friends to get battlefield 1 instead. Only 3 did. And stopped playing soon after. But 12 of my friends bought COD ww2. So I had to buy it. And what can I say. It's fun. I'm having a blast with friends. Its a damn good shooter. And most of all Its fun. I yell at the crappy servers, the loot boxes, how pre orders get you a map and alienates the haves and have nots. The unbalanced guns and the unbalanced classes. And many many issues.
But still turn it on every day and finish all my orders unlock my new hear level up my division, player and guns, and have fun doing it.

Kleptic1341d ago

I don't use vote buttons, but:

Only trying to clarify an outside viewpoint a little...CoD isn't the 'king of competitive fps shooters''s the 'most well known and popular accessible fps shooter'...I'm only saying that because it continues to be a burden. Throwing around 'competitive' implies balance, and an emphasis on variables that CoD as a franchise has systematically dissolved as much as possible in search of high sales. Make TTK's, and perks, and streaks, etc. designed to the point that even new players can rack up kills when conditions are right...does NOT make the 'king of competitive shooters'...

Not a criticism of CoD, and from a business standpoint it speaks for itself...other publishers have pushed devs to make similar adjustments so that every fps is basically 'fun vs. fun' as much as possible, yet still keep it under the radar. It drives sales, it drives lunch room discussions among teenagers on how 'l33t 'n Ep1c' they were the 1st day they played it, drives tags and id's like 'xxxsniper420xxx' and 'Skillz_4_Real'...Put a 13 year old in Quake III against some veterans and it's not worth discussing what went down...put that same kid in a modern CoD and he's 'pubbin' scrubs just for teh lolz' in 20 minutes, and confident enough to voice it through his included headset...

All i'm getting at is don't undermine what CoD has created in terms of the genre. In 2003 the multiplayer fps scene was still an unforgiving nightmare as far as barriers to entry. There were pots of cash available in it's attraction, though. The original CoD didn't dismantle much of that , nor did the sequels that were WWII based...but modern warfare was such a big deal precisely because of what i'm talking about it. Anyone could do well in it compared to what it 'used to be like', and EVERYONE had a platform that could play it. That's a big difference between accessibility and a textbook competitive outlet....the important part is that many assume CoD is how it always was, and that there are not actual competitive shooters available now...which is far from the truth.

oof461341d ago

Error Code 5. Error Code 1. Error Code 4557, etc, far, it's the worst $60 I have ever used on a game.

_-EDMIX-_1341d ago

"CoD isn't the 'king of competitive fps shooters'"

The huge following shows otherwise. There is no series in gaming right now that has such a following of fans in terms of competitive FPS, I mean....can you even name 1 FPS that is moving 20 million units plus every year like clock work? think that is just happening to a bad game?

Would you buy a game every year that sucked?

Kleptic1341d ago

Why, again, is popularity the single metric for a game's success at a specific type of gameplay?

" think that is just happening to a bad game?"

Interesting logic...I'd say I find Call of Duty as a franchise no better year over year than I do Maroon 5 or Pink's music...They've all been around for a decade and a half or more...they keep selling content like crazy...but, imo, they're no different than they were before...and I find them more annoying than anything...but it doesn't bother me at all that others like them.

PUBG sold 20 million, on one platform, and it's not even a game's not like CoD dominates everything and is the only popular choice in the genre...but PUBG's popularity has NOTHING to do with why many would argue it as a vastly superior competitive shooter (third person options being a technicality), it's the exact opposite...the popularity is a function of its competitive balance...just as CoD's popularity is a function of its accessibility...

_-EDMIX-_1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

"I tried last year to get all my friends to get battlefield 1 instead. Only 3 did."

Different games, very different.

" So I had to buy it." Not really. You are your own person, you decide what you buy or don't buy.

"most of all Its fun" Trust me, thats all that matters.

Did you have fun? Nothing else matters besides that. The teams that make COD and Battlefield are ACE teams, they are rare in gaming and they do a slam dunk job 99% of the time as to why they move as many units as they do. COD would never keep getting the sales it gets if it wasn't a quality, fun game. Folks won't keep buying something that isn't fun. People love to jump on bandwagons to hate Call Of Duty as that is the "hip" thing to do, but what Activision has been able to do, is keep the quality up of a yearly shooting with 3 amazing teams. That is no easy feat.

Chexs19901341d ago

There a lot of simple minded people out there though. So it's not always about "quality", as much as it's about accessibility and dumb satisfaction when shooting a guy in the face.

From a design perspective, the games are really not that impressive anymore. They could just as well be asset flips from previous entries. It's a checklist game, simple as that.

I imagine Activision having a whiteboard saying: "can't have a duty without:....." ^^

I'm not saying you can't have fun with them, but calling them quality games at this point might be stretching it a bit.
And as far as group mentality goes, it works both ways:

Some people jump on the wagon of hate, others jump on the wagon of buying every entry in the franchise.

Testfire1341d ago

This is the first Cod game I've bought since Black Ops, and I'm having a blast so far. Being away so long I'm getting my butt kicked online lol but it's fun. If anyone wants to add me on Steam we can get some games in, add Darktower805.

3-4-51341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

* I haven't played a call of duty game in years, but man this game is awesome. Best spawns and gameplay/pacing I've experienced in a COD game since I can remember.

This feels like the good old days to me. You can actually use strategy on the maps and use tactics because the spawns are better and the maps designed better.

The 3 main lane system is great for this....I rarely ever get shot from the back or have somebody sneaking up behind me and it allows you to play as a team and focus on objectives without all the other stuff.

This is the best COD game in years. Most fun I've had with the series since MW2 or black ops 1......I think it's better than bo1.

I had written the series off....didn't think I'd ever be hooked like this on another COD game but it really is actually worth owning this year....which is something I haven't been able to say in 5-6 years.