PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle discounted to under $260

The PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle is currently on sale for just $259.99, which is $40 less than its Black Friday price.

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Kribwalker352d ago

$500 last year, $260 this year, thats almost half price. I’d be upset if i was an early adopter. No HDR through the box, now half the price......must not be selling as great as this community will have you think

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Septic352d ago

Yeah I don't really know anyone who has the thing let alone plays it all the time.

Until we get a decent library of full on games and not little mini games that use PSVR then it's just going to end up in the gimmick pile. I don't think it's a gimmick; it just needs good software. We need more than just RE7.

I still give credit for Sony for taking a punt at VR but to me, its in desperate need of killer app. Or a third party game other than RE7 that does VR integration really well. Something like Star Wars BF2 without all the BS.

I think we might need to give it a 3 + more years till we see a VR game that really pushes the boundaries.

S2Killinit351d ago

Im loving it. Its been used more than my xbox one.

Pricey351d ago

Anecdotal evidence like I don’t know anyone who has one carries 0 weight.

NoPeace_Walker351d ago

Of course they need to discount it. It is overpriced even at $260. The technology isn't there yet for VR on console.

And including GT Sport in the bundle and jacking up the price doesn't help too as that game is not a fully playable game on PSVR and is getting slammed by actual Amazon customers with a 2/5 ratings and only sitting at #328 on the Amazon list of best videogame sellers.

Ju351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Of course you don't. Thanks for let us know.

It really boggles my mind how much xboxer care how a PS4 peripheral fails... For them

FyBy351d ago

There is plenty of software for psvr. I know, most of AAA titles dont have PSVR support, but for me, psvr is not for main gaming. Its still complementary device. On the other hand if I buy skyrim one sees me for a year :-)

nowitzki2004351d ago

Septic, you do know that you would need real friends to be able to even begin to know what someone has.

xX-oldboy-Xx351d ago

Septic - 2 generations of Kinect, 1 a mandatory purchase and how many 'full on' games did it have?

Super hot, Until Dawn : Rush Of Blood, Farpoint is fantastic with the aim controller, Bravo Team is looking utilise it too. Moss is already getting a positive response from those who've tried it.

The library is slowly building and it will continue to improve.

I'm dissappoointed in no HDR pass through on the og units. But you gotta know the risks of being an early adopter.

Phoenix76351d ago (Edited 351d ago )


I just had a quick look on amazon (UK) and it's currently 4.5 stars out of 5. Seems to be doing well over here

Aggesan351d ago

Ooohh, a negative comment from Septic. I'm shocked! /s

generic-user-name351d ago

Re7 and Skyrim are already 2 killer apps in just over a year. Consoles wish they had that in their first years.

morganfell351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

"Im loving it. Its been used more than my xbox one."

Agreed. I have had more exclusives for it in the past year than for the Xone.

Friday night we were playing Bridge Crew.

I have two XoneS models and I am getting rid of one of them. I bought it to record in the man cave and it has set dormant for over 6 months. I realized when I upgraded my cable modem/router recently that I had even unplugged the LAN cable. After playing some HALO and and two other games both units have sat unused. No need for a multiplatform box now when I own a PC.

bluefox755350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

@NoPeace_Walker You're lying, it's sitting at 4.5 stars. Even when you show only verified purchases.

NoPeace_Walker350d ago

I was talking about GT Sport....and. not the bundle. Look it up, 2/5 from Amazon.

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Vasto352d ago

People said this would happen when it released. Even with all the price cuts it still not worth buying. Anybody that bought this just wasted money.

Wait for the PS5 then hopefully PSVR it will be ready.

S2Killinit351d ago

Thats strange im enjoying it right now.

Versability351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

I love PSVR - plenty of fun things to do on it and much cheaper than HTC Vive or Rift. Technically any video game console is a "waste of money" since all it provides is entertainment. Maybe you're just a hater?

Ju351d ago

Git mine for 199 from target. Bare bone. Have the camera and the game. Happy about tgat.

FyBy351d ago

Wow, my family and my friends, we all still enjoy psvr from day one to these days.....and theres still ton of software I wish to try I had no time for.

Stogz351d ago

So strange that fanboys that have never used the thing can say it's not worth it...

Bell Boy351d ago

No gaming experience I have had in over 30 years can beat the immersion I have had playing in VR so I have wasted jack mate.

Dirt Rally is simply awesome, Rush of Blood literally will get your stomach rolling as if on a real rollercoaster and Resident Evil is amazing in you keep telling yourself that and I will keep supporting technology that pushes the boundaries of the hobby I love

Phoenix76351d ago


Have you actually tried the psvr yet?

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gangsta_red352d ago

I don't think it's meeting expectations and it shows with not only the constant price cuts been when you look at the examples of this community. RE 7 is the only game I hear praised for PSVR, hardly worth the price if a separate peripheral.

Kribwalker351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Nobody wants it, as you can tell by the consistent price drops that have been happening the last few months. There is no compelling reason to spend that kind of money on it when there’s only one or two games that are half decent

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fenome351d ago


You pretty much perfectly described the Xbox One but you guys seem to love it. To each their own.

Trez1234351d ago

[email protected] psvr is doing well and the main thing is it's getting support and it looks like sony will keep pushing. As for the reason its getting alot of price cuts, lets say you could be right but then you would have to say the same thing about the xbox one.

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Nyxus351d ago

@ Kribwalker and the guys below: you do know that everything you said applies to the Xbox One, right?

S2Killinit351d ago

Holy crap batman look at the xbots rushing to this article lol

351d ago
Kribwalker351d ago

you don’t say

not even close to same as the article above

fenome351d ago


I didn't see that you already beat me to the punch! Lol

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ocelot07351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

If you did like 2 minutes research. You would see this bundle is for the old v1 headset. You know the one Sony stopped production on about a month or so ago. You know the one stores want to get rid of so they can Stock the new v2 headset with HDR passthrough.

Does it not make sense to sell off the old stock cheap to make room for the new version? Why do you think the Skyrim bundle is not this price? Because it's the v2 headset. Here in the UK the old v1 headset dropped down to £250 with Skyrim or GT Sport. Most places sold out within a few days. £250 seems like it was the biting point for a lot of people.

Just over a year ago stores where selling off the old OG XB1 and OG PS4 for like £150. Does that mean both those consoles where not selling well? No it's because both Sony/Microsoft and retail stores wanted them gone so they had room for the Xbox One S, PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

ILostMyMind351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Don't be a hater. Early adopters don't have reason to be upset, they got what they bought and the tech move on. This is what be a early adopter mean. Have something first, but not the best version of it.

DialgaMarine351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

It’s still the best selling dedicated headset on the market, and has been selling extremely well through this passed week. The numbers might not be insanely high, but that has a lot more to do with low VR adoption rates overall. At least Sony is pushing through, so they’re going to have a foundation to build upon with their next gen headset, while MS is going to be scrambling to buy someone else’s.

Ju351d ago

Well, it's the best selling VR peripheral by far. Outselling all the other PC /phone based ones

Kribwalker351d ago


lol, not even close to samsung VR. do a little research before you suggest that

5 million sold last january. PSVR took until june to hit 1 million

DialgaMarine351d ago

Does Gear VR even count? It’s literally just a chunk of plastic that requires a particular phone model to use it, and is given away for free all the time as a part of phone deals. The only reason to bring up its sales is to try and trash PSVR.

Ju351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Lets just counter this with the same clickbite headline:

And btw, tell me how Ace Combat 7 runs in Gear VR...

Kribwalker351d ago


i’m not the one that made this claim

“Outselling all the other PC /phone based ones”
You claimed PSVR outsold all other phone based VR. which i showed you no it didn’t. and then you ask me how it will play certain games? I don’t know how, but i’m not the one that made the stupid claim to start with. It just shows you guys like to talk out of your ass

S2Killinit351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Its ok kribwalker one day your xbone will get a headset ad then maybe you will be less salty.

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TheVetOfGaming351d ago

But you're not an early adopter, or a Playstation fan, so everything you just wrote is completely pointless.

anticooper351d ago

Im an early adopter and im happy for the price cut, more people get to enjoy psvr and thats great, but maybe you dont want people to have fun and save some money?
"must not be selling as great as this community will have you think" Why do you care if your not going to buy it?

ZombieKiller351d ago

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the only times throughout the year that people don't need an excuse to have a sale and still you have to go in that direction. It's unbelievable the fanboyism on this website. Did you ever just stop to think (well, I know it doesn't seem like it at all but...) that maybe they're on sale because of the time of year? Christmas is coming you know. I would highly recommend not ever getting into marketing or sales EVER ...if I were you kribwalker

bluefox755350d ago

Aw, don't be bitter Krib. I know your favorite console is getting dominated this holiday, but that's no reason to be glum.

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Sgt_Slaughter351d ago

If we all judged products based on first year alone and didn't take into account how it's evolving and progressing, so many products would have failed and been swept under the rug.

Criticism is obviously okay to give, but burying something and acting like there's no hope is not realistic for what this is and going to become.

Septic351d ago

Well I don't think many on here are saying it's dead. VR has lots of potential and it just needs the right kind of software to elevate it to a must -have gaming peripheral.

It does seem however that we might not see VR hit it's true potential for a couple of years but who knows, one game could change all that

DialgaMarine351d ago

Everything has to start somewhere. Sony wants to be at the forefront so they can refine the product over time, and the tech only going to get better if it starts, and PSVR is a good start.

Scatpants351d ago

There's a lot of awesome stuff out already. I think people that say there's nothing haven't tried anything that's available and just write everything off. I'd say PC is a far better experience than PSVR though.

Ju351d ago

^^ guess who it is...

NeoGamer232350d ago


But at the same time I look at the VR products I have seen so far as more prototypes than final products.

And although I do by a lot of tech to play with I just find it very hard to justify buying tech that is really a prototype of something that will be much better and more defined 5 years down the road.

If you have $200-300 to play with VR all the power to ya! But, the rest of us will wait until others flush it into what it will be in the long term!

Bell Boy351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Constant price cuts! these are Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales ffs

The majority of people who actually own vr are going to find it an awesome experience, I know for me driving games are simply amazing in vr. Is it for everyone NO but why some people bash it and seem to want vr in general to fail is beyond me.

As an early adopter I am not upset it is getting these deals around the holidays, I am pleased it will be in the hands of even more users because the majority are going to get the most immersive gaming experience of their lives

TheVetOfGaming351d ago

I'm gonna pick one up after Christmas.

Pricey351d ago

If you look at where the negativity is coming from it’s the usual suspects. I’m happy to be an early adopter of this immersive technology, I know it’s still in its infancy but some of my best gaming experiences were when console gaming was in its infancy. It’s a shame people can’t be more positive. I’m confident PSVR has justified a PSVR 2, a great outcome if you ask me.

Ju351d ago

I always wanted one. But for $499 and no bare bone version when it released I simply went for a $ 150 upgrade to the Pro, first.

Now finally I got a 199 barefoot version because I already have all the peripherals and I usually don't buy bundles. I think 199 for barefoot was what I was waiting for. I'm perfectly ok with the smaller games library as long as it has some of those fulfilling what I want.. It's a peripheral after all

DialgaMarine351d ago

I purchased the launch bundle for $500, and this news doesn’t bother me one bit. I just want to see PSVR continue to grow and thrive so that we can someday see an even better version.

351d ago
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Lexreborn2351d ago

I picked this bundle up then bought VR worlds. Oh wait I just remembered Rise of the Tomb Raider has a Vr mode! I’m going to go try that out! I am really enjoying VR

Lexreborn2351d ago

I guess 4 people are telling me I’m not enjoying VR. Or that I didn’t buy this bundle. Or that Rise of Tomb Raider doesn’t have a VR mode that I just played. Internet folks are cute

TheVetOfGaming351d ago

4 people own an Xbox and have no VR.

DethWish351d ago

Wish we had these prices in Sweden