Capcom Looking For 2D Artist To "Breathe Life Into Classic Characters"

A Capcom art postion involving classic characters? It appears to be a fighting game of some sort, but which characters we talking about here?

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-Foxtrot325d ago

Only classic game I want back from them is Power Stone

324d ago
WombBat324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Breath of Fire vii
EDIT: nvm, its esports related

jeremyj2913324d ago

It's not the only one for me but it is hella high on my list. I would kill for this and a new Onimusha.

zielocz3k325d ago

marvel vs capcom infinite patch to fix hideous faces confirmed

PhoenixUp325d ago

Only modern 2D Capcom series I can think of is the Ace Attorney series

Apocalypse Shadow325d ago

Street fighter/Dark Stalkers/Final Fight Crossover with anime Dante, Mega Man,etc.

Or as Foxtrot said, Power Stone but with Mega Man, Zero, Roll, Arthur from Ghost and Goblins, updated look for old school Bionic Commando, etc as extra characters with offline/online option.

Or even a Techromancer update.

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The story is too old to be commented.