Final Fantasy XIV Interview — Naoki Yoshida Talks Housing, Squadrons, Story, and The Road Ahead

Naoki Yoshida talks about what is coming in the future of Final Fantasy XIV, from housing to squadron and PvP, and even a hint to the next expansion.

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FallenAngel1984329d ago

The description says Final Fantasy XV when the article is about Final Fantasy XIV

gamer7804328d ago

No question about if ffxiv will come to will come to Xbox one x now that it has released?

Abriael328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

@gamer7804: I asked him about Xbox One for 3 years in a row. Always got the same answer. I stopped asking. Others are, and they still get the same answer :D

Asking about Xbox One X in particular is meaningless because there won't be Xbox One X only games.

MeteorPanda328d ago

I couldnt afford to play for a month so they took my 40 million gil homevaway from me...i dont like the non permanent housing. Just make more wards as they get full not snuff out after 30 days ffs

datriax328d ago ShowReplies(2)