Batman: Arkham Origins Developer WB Games Montréal Hiring For New Game To Expand DC Universe

GameFragger: In a listing for a Technical Director, WB Games Montréal, developer of Batman: Arkham Origins, has mentioned "expanding the DC Universe in the interactive space." What DC Comics-based game are they working on?

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TeamIcoFan419d ago

AO got wayyy too much hate when it released.
And i'm not talking about the justified complaints about the bugs.

OhReginald419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Definitely one of the most underappreciated games of the last gen. I found it to be a lot better than Arkham Knight to be honest. I think the reason why it scored so low is because of the tacked on multiplayer mode. I never ran into any bugs in arkham origins, but I have heard of people having problems.

TeamIcoFan419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

I actually forgot it had a multiplayer mode since it was so garbage.

mkis007418d ago

It was my favorite only behind AA. I really liked how they took the story to the past, and no one knew who batman was yet.

Dark_Knightmare2418d ago

Wow I thought I was the only one I absolutely agree. AA is my fav by just a hair but origins easily as the best story out of the series and the characters are represented the best and more faithfully than the other games in the series.

DialgaMarine419d ago

The rumors of a Superman game would be cool, but let’s be real here: how on earth to make a Superman game that doesn’t completely reduce his powers? I mean, unless every single enemy is Doomsday, the game would basically have you be invincible.

jaymacx419d ago

in order to use Superman you just have to think outside of the box of traditional action games. It could be mission based where if people die, you fail, and or the enemies could have kryptonite, magic, psychic or any other powerful weapon. Could be cool to have Superman solve puzzles using his abilities.

DialgaMarine419d ago

That’s true, but the time limit thing sounds like it would end up like another Superman 64 travesty.

stefan_771419d ago

I'm hoping for a sequel to Origins that leads into the beginning of Asylum

_-EDMIX-_418d ago

No Rocksteady ...... no thank you...

(Apparently some people on this site believe you're not allowed to have different opinions about a game series, to some of them you must 100% hate it or 100% love it lol)

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