The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition discounted to below $20; Expansion Pass also on sale

Amazon has slashed the digital version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition to $19.99 on PS4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Expansion Pass has also been discounted to $12.49 on PS4 and $14.99 on Xbox One.

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showtimefolks422d ago

good deal but i want physical

Tanseeker422d ago

Don't worry about it. I bought a 1tb external for my x1 and a 2tb internal drive for my ps4 and download everything nearly. PSN have lots of sales, and my son can play my digital games on his ps4 coz I nominate his machine as my main console.
It's nice going to the menu and clicking straight into another game.

showtimefolks422d ago

yeah i understand to each their own. I like buying physical copies for my collection that's all

THEDON82z1422d ago

I completely agree.. Although I prefer disk based games because I can trade them..Once I got my 2tb SSHD for my PRO, I became extremely lazy.I must admit that [email protected] SSHD has tricked me into buying my last 10 games in digital form...Just because it so [email protected] convenient to just load up any game I want without having to get up off my A$$

Tanseeker422d ago

Oh hell... Like the 'Don' mentioned also... I've been suckered in to buying games simply because of a sale and the ease of buying it with a few clicks... Haha
They've nailed me a few times with their trickery!

THEDON82z1422d ago

LMAO..I forgot them dame sell's also...LOL...One of the main tricks to catching my @ss to...totally agree!!!

Elda422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Bought this game on release date didn't like it & bought it again Black Friday 2015 to try again & I just couldn't get into it.

showtimefolks422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Honestly I want to try it again like you i tried it but I just wasn't having fun for some reason

Combat just felt weak

Elda422d ago

The same for me though the combat was ok but it just didn't capture my interest,it just seemed boring.

DrumBeat422d ago

Keep trying. It's an emotional journey too. Well worth experiencing.

DrumBeat422d ago

Just bought it for the X in anticipation for the patch. I'm loving the load times but I fear they'll lengthen after the patch. 900p is blurry as hell but the game's still a blast.

Tanseeker422d ago

I haven't finished Witcher 3 yet... But it's an incredible game. I've been blown away by the quality many times while playing... On a main quest, getting side tracked and doing a side-mission or some minor mission and have it filled with interesting characters and some bizarre or twisted tale... You sit back and know that they didn't need to include whatever you just did in the game, that it could have easily been missed by the player, and its just incredible. For RPG/story fans it's a must-play.