Here is what a crossover between Dark Souls & Cuphead could have looked like

Cuphead was one of the best releases of 2017. StudioMDHR's classic run n gun action game nears one million copies on Steam and is so hard that some players have described as the Dark Souls of run n gun games. So, what would Dark Souls itself look as a Cuphead game? Well, time to get a taste of such a thing.

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Soulst0rmer352d ago

This was made in 1 week but it took 4 years to get Cuphead out!

Just joking...

352d ago
CyrusLemont352d ago

Wouldn’t mind themed DLC expansions like this!

Blu3_Berry352d ago

Wow, that was amazing. I kinda want this to be a thing now.

Damthatsword352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Holy heck that was amazing!

PlayableGamez-352d ago

Watch it at 1.25x speed, it looks way better.

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