Star Wars Battlefront II Review – Do You Even Game Bro?

The Force is most certainly not with this one

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Septic325d ago

Damn. This game got punished HARD in reviews. I bet all devs are keeping an eye on this eagerly and thinking twice about the loot box mechanic. Im glad

WilliamSheridan325d ago

Let it be a lesson... Gamers have had it with loot boxes. Only a few game types deserve to have them, and even then it's a hard maybe...

Septic325d ago

Absolutely. I'm glad the backlash has come though; that shit needed to get regulated.

T2X324d ago

Actually, to the author, you're quite wrong. I have played just as many games as you have and for just as long and I can honestly say if you're going to trash a game under the false guise of a "Review" then why bother? We get it, you don't like it, but by no means is the game as garbage as you say. I have it myself and It's obvious a lot of work went into this game. the quality is there, if not for all of the pissing about the loot boxes the game would have been praised to high heaven. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and mine is that your not qualified to write reviews if you're just going to jump on the hate wagon for clicks which is pretty much what "Do you even game bro?" is. Even the name of the site is annoying Ugh. Utter trash.

Realms324d ago

Plenty of shills defend EA and their BS practices there is a reason that Madden and FIFA sell so well, but to ignore and blatantly disrespect the consumer is just plain arrogant in EA's part they assumed that because it was Star Wars that nobody would bat an eye but they took it to far with their pay to win model. I'm sure that there is a game underneath all the BS loot box system they implemented but it has gotten lost in what could have been a good game. So you continue to gobble up EA's BS meanwhile the rest of us will keep calling them out on it.

Shadow0fTheDog324d ago

The thing is I really wanted to like BF2 (as I said at the beginning), but the reality is that I found its core design (especially in multiplayer) faulty. Even without the Star Cards (which is a flawed system even without microtransactions), the gameplay design is just not there. The choke points, the spawns, the unbalanced objectives. It's just... not good. Also... *you're (that's my reviewer English skills coming in handy).