What's Going on with Red Dead : Redemption 2?

Agheil writes - "Fellow gamers, putting the Star wars fiasco to the side, lets talk about something else. Red Dead : Redemption 2, what’s going on with it?

Check out the video below for details."

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N1331d ago

I need more red dead in my life !! : D

Agheil331d ago

We all need more red dead in our lives 👌🏽

firelens331d ago

PSX better have something, or at least drop something in January

alphafallen331d ago

PSX never disappoints so I wouldnt be surprised if it was there!

Agheil331d ago

True, PSX always has great reveals

Summons75329d ago

PSX is the best way to wash the bad taste the Geoff Keighley's Game "awards" produces.

Agheil331d ago

I’m really hoping for PSX 🔥

electricbanshi331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Im ready for this game whenever it drops but true, alot of silence

Agheil331d ago

I’m ready whenever as well :)

zivtheawesome330d ago

Rockstar reveals what they want, whenever they want it, don't worry. I'm not even expecting PSX as R* tends to not show up in conferences. The only one they have done in recent memory is the GTA V current gen port at E3

Agheil330d ago

This is true but there were rumors they intended to show at the Sony press conference at e3.

So we’ll if they have something at PSX. :)

yomfweeee329d ago

Rumors are just that... rumors. Wrong most of the time, doesn't mean something changed or went wrong.

Agheil329d ago

Rumors aren’t always wrong, there’s been a lot of rumors that came to be true.

For the Sony presser, it could’ve been true and that’s why I said rumor.

Hinting at the possibility of something else.

yomfweeee328d ago

Hence why I said wrong most of the time.

Summons75329d ago

Very true. R* is one of the few companies that have that kind of pull. I wouldn't be surprised if one day they go "We are releasing (game) tomorrow" and they still break day 1 sales records. All I need for RDR2 is a release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.