How Beyond: Two Souls Helped Me To Share A Personal Pain

Kotaku: “Every David Cage game is an experience, from the eerie Indigo Prophecy to the twisted murder mystery of Heavy Rain and the flawed but ambitious Beyond: Two Souls.

When I turn on a Zelda or Persona game, I know the experience will be completely different from a David Cage one. An auteur of gaming, Cage has a distinctive style that is as unmistakably his as something by Miyamoto, or in the film world, Fellini and Kubrick. Even his flawed endeavors create gameplay experiences that provide insight into the ritual of everyday life through its tragedies and triumphs. Like all rides, there are bumps, even some crashes, but overall, Two Souls remains a journey that goes “beyond” my expectations.“

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TricksterArrow477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

Actually, I do. Experiences like these proves that games can be much more than a simple and meaningless hobby.