Bethesda kills it with Nintendo - Skyrim and Doom Are Awesome on Switch

A.J. says: "Nintendo's home console / handheld hybrid has seen a ton of ports already and it's only eight months old. Now that two of Bethesda's biggest titles are available for the system, you may be wondering how they hold up so allow me to share my experience."

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OoglyBoogly330d ago

I wouldn't quite say that Bethesda "kills it" with a single game from last-gen and a current gen game that isn't super demanding. They're games we've already played. Cool to have them on a portable, sure, but people need to stop acting like it's something miraculous or unique. Nintendo and Sony handhelds before the Switch had no issue with large and deep games.

b163o1330d ago

A certified hater....

Nintendo was basically dead in the water when switch was announced. They had very few if any 3rd party support, and slowly but surely they're regaining them back. No one can deny there 1st party strength and to see a company which "I" honestly thought was not going to make it, regain its footing and now is heading in the right direction is good to see....

OoglyBoogly330d ago

No, just sick of sensationalist titles like this for non-accomplishments. Running a 6 year old game on Nintendo's latest HOME CONSOLE is not impressive. Running games like DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 that aren't very demanding is NOT's called a current-gen console running games. Cool.

Vegamyster330d ago


At the end of the day it's using mobile chipset that can be played anywhere. It's getting games that you would only see on a home console but also ones that were originally handheld only aka a mainline Pokemon game ect, they really should just call it a hybrid.

richyque329d ago

He's a hater, its better on switch for the fact that its portable. switch >> ps4 >>>xbox.

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Vegamyster330d ago

Neither of Nintendo or Sony's handhelds had games like this, there was obviously great games but nothing on this scale.

bluefox755330d ago

Vita, a 6 year old console, had KZ Mercenary and Borderlands 2. Considering the massive concessions Switch had to make for Doom, and the fact that Skyrim is 6 years old, I'd say they are comparable.

Prince_TFK330d ago

Lmao. You mean Borderland 2 which run like shit on the Vita amd got only 64% on Metacritc? And the Killzone Mercenary that runs at 960x544?

Yeah, comparable alright.

_-EDMIX-_330d ago

Well I don't really know what you're talking about because technically speaking the Vita still hide last generation games from the previous generation ..

Just like the Nintendo switch is getting games from the previous generation...

Just like the PSP played games from the previous generation...

Didn't the 3DS have Resident Evil Revelations?

Didn't the PlayStation Vita have Gravity Rush world of Final Fantasy Killzone Mercenaries?

Soooooo yeaaaaaaa

InTheLab330d ago

Killzone, borderlands, uncharted... all console quality and let's not pretend like Skyrim is demanding. Doom can run on a 360...

OoglyBoogly330d ago

Borderlands 2. Full game, on a hand held. No different than Skyrim.

23 people that agreed with you don't know what they're talking about.

Vegamyster330d ago

For the people responding with Borderlands 2, the had to make serious concessions to get it onto the system, it ran horribly, had less enemies & was only 2 player instead of 4.


Mercenary was the closest thing to a home console shooter but it was still limited, Killzone 2 & 3 which came out years before looked & ran better, had more gamemodes, controls & online variety. Doom never made it to last gen consoles & Skyrim on Switch is based on the special edition according to Digital Foundry, it's a clear jump over the original version.


It did but how many of them were simpler games or were missing features compared to their home console variants?


Killzone Merc was not nearly as good as Killzone on PS3, Borderlands 2 was stripped down & Uncharted Golden Abyss was the worst UC, no multiplayer & had the dumbest AI/performance of all the games.


Ironic that you think they don't know what they're talking about, like i stated above they had to strip down the game that made it by far the worst place to play the game, it was not the full package.

OoglyBoogly330d ago


We're talking full console ports here. Saying the BL2 on the Vita doesn't count because enemies were lesser and performance wasn't as good is no different than saying the DOOM on the Switch doesn't count because it's running at half the frame rate (or lower) and half the resolution at lower settings.

How is it better? Because the Vita had a couple less enemies on screen at once? Oh no...I guess Nintendo and Bethesda are just straight destroying the market, eh? "The Nintendo Zero Compromise Switch" is what they should call it, huh?

Vegamyster330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

You're misconstruing my entire argument, there is no games on this *scale* like Skyrim or Doom on previous handheld systems. Borderlands 2 is the closest thing & had things taken away that directly affected the way the game was played. I'm not talking about just the performance which frequently drops into single digits/teens , it also had more bugs/crashes, controls had to be modified since it has no R2/L2/R3/L3, less enemies & only two player co-op instead of four. That is not the same as simply dropping visual settings & the framerate to run properly, Borderlands 2 had all that, was stripped down heavily & ran significantly worse.

_-EDMIX-_327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

guez stop arguing.

" ran significantly worse" that logic Doom and Skyrim don't count, is Doom not running less on all features?

Isn't Skyrim not only missing the upgraded features from PS4 and XONE, but missing features like mods?

Soooooo based on that logic, do they count or more spin?

So a handheld playing a 6 year old game is like saying PSP is playing FFIX (which it can) from start to finish.

Soooo this isn't something brand new, this isn't something even SLIGHTLY brand new that a handheld is playing A LAST GEN GAME.

That is a 1.1 example.

"It did but how many of them were simpler games or were missing features compared to their home console variants?"

Almost none, the PS1 titles that can play on PSP are the exact games.....they are not missing features, the PSP is STRONGER then the PS1 by MILES, JUST like the Switch is stronger then the PS3 ie A LAST GEN device.

"Killzone Merc was not nearly as good as Killzone on PS3"

Doom on Switch isn't nearly as good as Doom on PS4 or XONE or PC...

Sooooo I don't get the reason behind all the anger and fighting.

BOTH devices could play last gen games, BOTH devices could play current gen titles, TO AN "extent" ie with " missing features" downgraded etc.

PSP was playing KH, FF, God Of War, GTA and all the latest current gen AAA titles with very little if ANY downgrade, I'd argue some of those games looked BETTER on PSP. If you look at both GTA's from PSP to PS2, they are almost impossible to tell the difference. You can't say taht about a Switch game to PS4 unless you are talking about a more "simpler" game =)

Thus, you are comparing a very, very comparable situation from PSP to PS2 like Switch to PS4 and XONE, but clearly Switch isn't getting the top AAA titles THIS CURRENT GEN, like PSP was.

You'd need GTAVI, FFXV, KH III, Metal Gear Solid etc or games in those series that look exactly like their PS4 or XONE counterpart to really do that comparison. actually don't have much AAA from PS4 or XONE coming to Switch like you did from PS2 to PSP.

EVEN THEN, the Switch is still just like the PSP before it. Playing last gen games (PSP PLAYED EXACTLY PS1 titles, no difference), playing current gen titles that are um "simpler games or were missing features".

That sounds like PSP, ala 2004, that sounds like Switch ala 2017.

Stop bickering, your basically describing the same situations to a slight degree of difference.

Why argue over it? I like PSP for the same reason I like Switch. So I can play my portable games on the TV, I did with PSP no issue =)

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Prince_TFK330d ago

Well, Wolfenstein 2 is coming next year for the Switch. An almost non-compromised port of WWE 2K18 is coming soon. Plus there is the rumored GTA V port incoming as well. I would say that that list of game is mighty impressive for a “handheld”.

jaycptza330d ago

GTA V will run like shit

OoglyBoogly330d ago

Wrong, the Switch is Nintendo's current generation Home Console. It running current games is something that I don't consider should.

The fact also that the games it's getting aren't technically that impressive or hard to run in the first place says something. Where's Wildlands or The Division on the Switch? What about Fallout 4 that's on everything else? What about any major AAA game that requires decent processing power?

So, it running last gen games is a given, hopefully, so no biggie and then it running easy to run current gen games as it's a current gen console is just it doing what it should be doing.

Now, why the need to act like it's a miracle or impressive?

wonderfulmonkeyman330d ago

Squeezing games as big as Skyrim down into portable size like this IS a pretty big feat, because for the tech inside it, a game like Skyrim or Doom is plenty demanding enough, mostly due to their graphical styles.

_-EDMIX-_330d ago

Not really what you're trying to say is that a game from 6 years ago is running on a portable.

That's no different then saying Metal Gear Solid ,Final Fantasy 7 , 8 or 9 running on PSP.....

I mean technically speaking Final Fantasy 9 released mid 2000 the PSP released in 2004.....

But wait a minute you're going crazy because a game from 6 years ago is running on a handheld?


Ummm ok

I would argue it would be more interesting if it couldn't.

I mean were you also this flabbergasted when Link to the Past was remade for the Gameboy Advance.... A handheld? 😂😂😂

xPhearR3dx330d ago


Oh, so Wolfenstein 2 is a 6 year old game? WWE 2K18 is 6 years old? Doom? Dragonball Xenoverse 2? The system has been out a little over 8 months. Considering the massive failure of the Wii U, 3rd parties probably aren't so quick to want to develop for Nintendo prior to the Switch's massive success so far. Not only are those games coming/out already, they also run extremely well. So you can cherry pick Skyrim out of multiple games on a 8 month old system, but this time next year you'll see more and more AAA third party titles on Switch. Rockstar is already on board. If L.A Noire can make the cut, I wouldn't be surprised to see GTA V sometime next year, or even a port of RDR.

Honestly, you just sound jealous and very bitter.

CorndogBurglar330d ago

I think the big accomishment is being able to play these games as a portable system also. No one has ever done that. Even the Vita games you mentioned, like Borderlands was dumbed down and a lessened version 9f the game in order to run on the Vita. It was actually notnthe same experience foundnonnthenhome consoles.

The Swith is able to run these games portable as well as on the tv with nothing missing. Thats kind of an accomplishment.

mcstorm330d ago

Your spot on. Goal posts seem to move a lot on this site for everything. Switch was announced its to under powered, to expensive, has gimmicks will never sell.. No its selling and selling well and getting some big 3rd party games its well its a old game, dose not need much power ect. Never sending on this site. Great to see Nintendo get some 3rd party love

DrJones330d ago

Doom not demanding on a tablet, lol you're such a noob on tech

Vectrexer326d ago

Next up switch to emulate Atari 2600 with minimal frame drops!

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StormSailor330d ago

This irrational passion for Switch is hilarious

bolimekurac330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

i really dont get it, i do get the fact that people love nintendo games. I love mario and mariokart, donkey kong, metroid etc.... and nintendo is about fun and the games they create are usually entertaining and good games which do bring people back to the fold when they release a new system or game. If you want to play the newest nintendo games then you need a switch to play and enjoy them and people will do just that even if its just to play the new games from nintendo that always seem to do well. In that aspect i do get it and its logical that people will support them and their games but as the wiiU proved to be a failure it shows that exclusive games cant save a failing console. The switch will most likely get a few more 3rd party games this time around but at what cost. Many game simply wont make it to the switch but as long as nintendo can pump out the games and get at least some decent 3rd party support which continues for years and not just the first year then i guess the switch will do well.
I bought mine simply to play mario and mario kart and tried splatoon . games are great but I can see it being outdated and left behind quickly. Even nintendo isnt sure who they are marketing it for, its on all the morning kids channels so they are marketing to kids. I see them marketing the 20 to 35 year old market so they are also marketing to hipsters and the older cool crowd yet i havent seen one child or one 20's something year old use one in public. not on the train, not in the city , not in the park, not anywhere and in their ads they push it as a handheld and other times as a home console and for some reason as much of a gamer i am i just dont get it. The machine itself is a mess in my eyes, the tiny controllers and the dumb design of needing to slide on the top buttons on the controller which will get stuck if you put in on backwards. like what idiot thought of that and you dont realise this until you buy it, so everytime you remove the joycons you need to slide the attachment on the joycon. The joycon itslef is way to small and uncomfortable on the system and off. yes you can get a pro controller but thats extra. even on the go its uncomfortable to control for any adult sized hand. using it as a console feels empty to me, its lacking in power and it shows and great games help but dont overcome its issues. its cumbersome and while it is doing well i dont see that continuing for years down the road

Segata330d ago

Holy wall of text and terrible grammar Batman!

Prince_TFK330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

A wall of text of nothingness beside the usual gibberish of a 3 year old child.

Basically, he could had just said “The Switch Sucks” and it would have more meaning than what he had posted.

330d ago
michellelynn0976330d ago

Ps4 is way behind xbox now. But games matter of tech right? Let the back peddaling beging.

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Prince_TFK330d ago

You meant like the almost perverted passion for the PS4 on this site? Yeah that is super hilarious as well.

OoglyBoogly330d ago

No different than the perverted passion for Xbox and Nintendo in their respective articles here. Look at the comments here and people like you defending Nintendo to the bone. Chill out. A current gen console playing some current gen and last gen games is not some miraculous thing. It's called being a typical gaming console.

330d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

"This irrational passion for Switch is hilarious."
"This irrational passion for PS4 is hilarious."
"This irrational passion for PC is hilarious."
"This irrational passion for XBox is hilarious."

No matter how you say it, it sounds like a salty fantard going full hater on something he doesn't like.
Never go full hater.

PlayableGamez-330d ago

Skyrim is cool on switch, DOOM is garbage on Switch.

Theyellowflash30330d ago

DOOM and Skyrim are both great on the Nintendo Switch.

PlayableGamez-330d ago

No DOOM is garbage on Switch.
Don't be delusional.

330d ago
Shiken330d ago

DOOM is great on the Switch. I play it all the time and it runs smooth and looks great. Yes the PS4 and X1 versions are better, but the Switch version gives me the full game looming and running great on the go.

Don't kid yourself kid.

UltimateOwnage330d ago

I concur with this. I've really been enjoying both too.

UltimateOwnage330d ago

I own Doom on PS4 too, so I know what 60FPS (with screen tearing) DOOM looks like. I personally have been enjoying it on Switch more because I can play it during lunch break at work and play a few online rounds around the house when the TV has been hijacked. If that makes me delusional to have that be my preferred way to play it (even at 30FPS, which I find to be acceptable for the game), than so be it. I'm pretty happy with Bethesda's work on the DOOM and Skyrim and applaud them for bringing them over to both A: a Nintendo platform and B: a Mobile platform.

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MadMax330d ago

You don’t know what you’re talking about, I own doom on ps4 and switch, it holds up incredible and is probably the best shooter on any handheld period. You’re garbage!

bluefox755330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

The frame rate really is garbage. People didn't give Borderlands 2 a pass on Vita when it had a garbage frame rate, so I'm not sure why Switch is getting special treatment.

septemberindecember330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

That's because Doom on the Switch doesn't have anywhere near the framerate issues that Borderlands 2 on the Vita did. Doom on Switch is at least a semi consistent 30FPS when Borderlands 2 on Vita was regularly below 20FPS, typically 13-14FPS in towns.

330d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman330d ago

Got the chance to play DOOM on Switch recently, and I had fun with what little I played.
That's what matters to me; not how it compares to its brothers on other gaming hardware.
So it's perfectly fine to say DOOM is not garbage on Switch; matter of opinion.

lee1302330d ago

i have both and they run great with no issues course hater's gonna hate

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bolimekurac330d ago

doom is a mess on the switch and doesnt look all that great but decent enough for a handheld

bolimekurac330d ago

disagreeing with me is cool but lets be honest, people can youtube and see. doom is a mess on the switch. that doesnt mean the switch is doomed.

Prince_TFK330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

If a game is a mess it usually mean that it is borderline unplayable with glitches, bugs, and very poor framerate. Clearly the Doom port on the Switch is nothing like that.

Don’t wonder why people disagree with you.

bluefox755330d ago

Skyrim is, but it's a 6 year old game. Doom is a bit sloppy. The 540p resoltuion and lower than lowest settings are forgivable. The constant frame drops to the mid to low 20's is not, especially for a game as fast paced as Doom. You could almost forgive the frame rate being cut in half if it was a locked, or near stable 30, but unfortunately, it's not.

DrJones330d ago

It's not 540p, check out Digital Foundry