Gaming With My Girlfriend: Mummy Mia. It’s a Mario Kart

In November's monthly feature, Chris and Wanda drink and drive with a few Mario Kart titles and lament over how much worse The Mummy (2017) movie is than The Mummy Demastered game.

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Diffraction_Fos1059d ago

"Hey look, everyone. I have a girlfriend."

VINNIEPAZ1059d ago

Cool me too and she's pretty good at games

1059d ago
MeteorPanda1059d ago

Nice to hear you two in ur post coital play mario kart. Why did we need to know this?

CDbiggen1058d ago

Miss the days me and the ex would play games together. Thinking back, maybe that's why we broke up. Maybe if I'd spent more time actually taking her places, getting away from on-screen distractions, trying new things, it would've been different...