Despite controversy, the PC F2P revenue has doubled since 2012

Superdata has shared some interesting stats about the the PC games revenue. According to its data, the PC F2P revenue has doubled since 2012.

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BrianOBlivion326d ago

F2P revenue doubling since 2012 and the CURRENT controversy are completely separate unrelated things, so "despite" does not apply.
People are CURRENTLY angry that publishers are mashing those F2P monetisation methods into games consumers have ALREADY PAID FOR.
They're angry that that those publishers perfectly willing to use despicable tactics like raising the grind thresholds to MONTHS or more to force those not-at-all-micro transactions.
Publishers have decided they want to have their cake and eat it too and keep eating it forever.

kevinsheeks326d ago

I'm intoxicated and literally had the same thought as you . . .how the hell does 2012 relate to the controversy now . . . .

BrianOBlivion326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

..."that that those publishers perfectly"...
should read ..."that those publishers ARE perfectly"...
I'm a little tipsy myself.

Shinox326d ago

What about those B2P games behind paywalls with P2W , this is 9999 times worse than a normal F2P game .. its so sad to see people supporting that recently