Battlerite Devs Mock EA's Now Infamous "Sense of Pride and Accomplishment" Quote

Battlerite's Stunlock Studios classily mocked EA's now infamous "sense of pride and accomplishment" quote issued to explain the outrageous unlock cost of Star Wars Battlefront II heroes.

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Pl4sm4325d ago

love that companies are bashing ea too... this is priceless...

well it has a price and it comes in a lootbox you pay for lul

Jackhass325d ago

Yeah, that comment will be coming back to bite them for a while.

AizenSosuke325d ago

Burn with Yamamato flames right now

PlayableGamez-325d ago

I like how EA created a new meme.

PapaBop325d ago

Hopefully more will too, there is no sense of pride or accomplishment with Battefront 2's progression system.

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