Four Years After Launch, PS4 Is Selling Out Again

Black Friday bonanza brings online shortages.
A strange thing is happening: four years after launch, the PlayStation 4 is selling out – particularly online in the United States.

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sammarshall1021471d ago

It's a top of the line console with great games

Bigpappy1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

At this point it is most likely gamers buying for little brothers, son and nephews at what's seen as a cheap price. So they buy them what they have to keep them off.

sammarshall1021471d ago

There's probably some of that too. You can't go wrong with any of these consoles IMO

Razzer1471d ago

It is a kick ass console for an awesome price. /end

OB1Biker1471d ago

Why would gamers not buy a ps4 for themselves? haha

ZehnDrachen1471d ago


you little troll.

Kingthrash3601471d ago

Top consoles that get an unending support of high end gaming experiences will always sell..Sony has shown what's really important in gaming.

Rimeskeem1471d ago

Xbox One would be the cheapest technically

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Bobafret1470d ago

In all fairness does it really matter why?

Aenea1470d ago

They could also have gotten the much cheaper Xbox One S instead, yet they opted for the PS4, hmmm.

Also wondering why people bought Pro's and PSVR's, hmm, probably for their little sisters and nieces...

ninsigma1470d ago

That doesn't really make sense seeing as the xb1s is cheaper than all the other consoles...

Razzer1470d ago

"most already have one"

Every year there are new generation of gamers coming to an age where they are introduced to gaming. You act like there is a static number of gamers and PS4 has reached the limit. Such narrow thinking.

Cyborgg1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Maybe because it has better exclusives as well. Bring back the bubble system please

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Liqu1d1470d ago

Is that what you tell yourself to sleep better at night?

Goozex1470d ago

@bigpappy ur getting desperate I've never seen u troll in ps4 articles!!

tontontam01470d ago

"At this point it is most likely gamers buying for little brothers, son and nephews at what's seen as a cheap price. So they buy them what they have to keep them off."

How is this a bad thing?

compared to xbox one x, at this point it is most likely xbox fanboys buying an xbox again to replace their xbox one s which replaced their original xbox one.

Kryptix1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

LOL You look really bad right now. Every disagree is someone laughing at you.

The Xbox One is cheaper and how about, the PS4 is a great console that those gamers want their "little brothers. son and newphews" to experience?

Because I would never get someone a barebones, disappointing console like the Xbox One. I rather see a smile, not something fake like, "oh, ok, thanks," and then I get buyer's remorse.

Critic4l_Strik31470d ago

Well, apparently you still haven't got one...

TheVetOfGaming1470d ago

That must be the reason, because you said it is. Maybe it's just a lot more affordable at that price. A lot of people can't afford $300 for a console. Also, the games, games, and more games.

bluefox7551470d ago

@Mikeslemonade What are you, 12?

trooper_1470d ago

Uh, it actually has games, that's why.
Sorry but the downplaying is weak.

Bigpappy1470d ago

This actually happens all the time. I have done it myself.

Really don't see what is to be so defensive about. There wasn't an attack to begin with. Yet I can't say I am surprised by the response. You guys need to get away from gaming for a while. Your console of choice is not very important in the grand scheme of things.

Kribwalker1470d ago

Much cheaper? $189 is much cheaper then $199?? Gamestop you also get a $50 gift card essentially making it a $149 Ps4.

oh and to your other comment, they have bought the Xbox one S, as that’s also sold out online at Amazon and Walmart....

DialgaMarine1470d ago

Apparently I bought my Xbone S as a shelf decoration, so I’m just gonna use your logic and assume that’s what most people are buying Xbone’s for now.

Realms1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Who cares why it's selling out the point is that it is, yes the price drop is the reason it's selling out but if it the console wasn't worth picking up it wouldn't sell. Even with a price drop I have zero interest in the xbox one because it has no games I want to play unlike Sony that has many games coming soon next year.

Qrphe1470d ago

They could buy them even cheaper X1S systems but not even at that price they're biting that bullet.

WelkinCole1470d ago

Its not the price. If it was the price they would have picked the x1s as it is the cheapest.

The difference? Games. Lots of games on the PS4 compare to the x1s. You know the reason why people buy gaming consoles.

kreate1470d ago

Gamestop had the best deal with the $50 gc but they were the first one to sold out.

Than I tried to order online just to find out amazon, ebay, newegg, target online, groupon, best buy online all sold out.

I was forced to drive to a local walmart to pick one up. Not to troll but they had a whole pallet full of xbox one s for 189.99

XisThatKid1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

What about wives daughters and niece's and sisters?

scofios1470d ago


Xbox one s is even (100 $\€ ) cheaper and didn't sold out nowhere .
Watt 's your excuse now ?

MrSwankSinatra1470d ago

the replies you're getting from the sony defense force about their piece of plastic, it's really comical lmaooooooo.

snoopgg1470d ago

Well they are buying it instead of the xbox s , so that is saying something about the brand. They could have bought xbox s with a uhd blueray, but chose Playstation instead. Why aren't all the xbox supporters buying xboxs for their brothers and nephews?

Aenea1470d ago


Ahhh, well, I'm not too familiar with the NA prices, all I've been seeing is the EU prices and the difference is €177 for an Xbox One S with a game against €279 for a PS4 Slim with a game...

GamingSinceForever1469d ago

This is without a doubt the most ridiculous idiotic comment I have seen all year long. Congrats!

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I love my new X, But id choose ps4 everytime if i could only pic one.....Mostly do to the fact that im a Gamer, not a Weekend warrior Call of Duty Fanboy, and fact is, ps4 has all the best games. Halo, Forza, gears and xboxs 20yr old franchises that are stale can kick rocks. I bought the original xbone when it came out and it quickly became what i refered to as my $500 beer coaster until i traded it im for a nintendo, i bought the X strictly to play the best versions of multiplats and that is all, because well, obviously its the mpre powerful console, which coincidentally is the only thing xbox fans have to say, we get it, its powerful, but that doesnt mean it has the best games, just the best versions of a selection of multiplats, and even at this early stage, the differences are minimal.

Long story short, PlayStation is the king of GAMES. #SORRYNOTSORRY

joab7771470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Why wouldn't it be? The lineup for 2018 and beyond will be its best yet. And that is saying something. Seriously, GoW, Spiderman, NNK2, Death Stranding, TLoU2, GoTs, Days Gone, SotC (remake), FF7 (remake), Dreams, Concrete Genie, Detroit: Become Human, and PSX hasn't even happened yet.

It's nuts!

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DialgaMarine1470d ago

@someone You talk as if your opinion is reflective of the masses, when the reality is that it’s not. You might not be interested in those games, but Spider-Mam received the most attention out of this passed E3, God of War has far more anticipation than anything on Xbone, Uncharted’s franchise sales and critical acclaim speak for themselves, The Last of Us 2 has been voted as the most anticipated game (hell, just look up the PSX 2016 audience reaction at the reveal), and SotC’s reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

Remember, just because you have a particular opinion, that doesn’t mean the rest of us think exactly like you do. Fact is, those games are going to be huge hits, and PS4 is going to continue its sales domination thanks to them.

Realms1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )


I get it plenty of people have bad taste in music and movies, games are not the exception. Here is the thing many people want variety and is what is offered by Sony outside of PC the PS4 is the best place to play because it has a wide variety of games. The Switch is nice but you won't get all AAA games and the X has more power but lacks diversity so that leaves Sony where you get the best of both worlds. Regardless of you own personal taste the PS4 just offers more to gamers that want more than just first person shooters or racing games or old franchise that have been around for more than 20 years.

KickSpinFilter1469d ago

Its an amazing line up Spiderman, GOW, Days Gone, Dreams, Detroit are all games I am looking forward to. TLOU2 being a little further out than 2018 being a game I am really excited about. Death 2018, more like 2025

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AizenSosuke1471d ago

Shenanigans only exclusive to Sony.

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G20WLY1470d ago

Da powah of da gaemz 👍

LastCenturyRob1470d ago

X already took that name....The PS4 and have PANNNNNDA

instantstupor1470d ago

The PS4 Pro had "Beast Mode" well before people started talking about X as "the beast", so take that for what its worth lol :-p

shuvam091470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

With Switch+PS4, you're getting 4 (or maybe all 5, as PUBG will land eventually) 2017 GOTY contenders and 5 most anticipated games of 2018...
Plus, you also get VR...
And then you have the X for the same price (or more)...
As much as I admire good graphics, the possibilities on Switch+PS4 are too insane to consider the power of X...
PSwitch4 FTW!!!

StormLegend1471d ago

At $199 the PS4 was selling out fast. The price has gone up now. Heck I might even pick up an XB1s for $189.

Xx_Pistol_xX1470d ago

They have already said the will replenish stock soon.

LastCenturyRob1470d ago

That is a great price for the S, but if you are in the market for and Xbox think about the X..It is sooo freaking sweet! Mo money, but so worth it!

badz1491470d ago

"So much more money"


InTheLab1470d ago

The S is the better value at $189. Same games... lower res...

Aenea1470d ago

At this moment in time if I pick up an Xbox One it will be a cheap One S, not a One X. It will be only to play the Xbox One (console) exclusives and nothing more, I still prefer to play most games on my PS4 Pro....

As it is tho with my Switch and Pro I have a gigantic backlog and adding another console with games I want to play doesn't seem all that wise...

Majin-vegeta1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

My Gamestop went through 200 of these alone.They separated into 2 lines those for just games and others who were there for PS4 had to get a number to guarantee them.Even a damn fight broke out for them surprisingly this time it was 2 females 😂

ecchiless1471d ago

...tell me you have that in video... xD

Majin-vegeta1470d ago

Lol i wish I did.But me and the guy next to me had to intervene cuz there was little kids inline and they were being stepped on.Never understood why parents would take them especially with all the crazy stuff that .can happen at any moment

MatrixxGT1470d ago

I was out black friday shopping. Went to 2 gamestops and i asked what biggest seller was. Both immediately said ps4 sold out in minutes. I did go to best buy as well and the they were sold out of ps4 and Pros. They had tons of xbox one S scatterd about. They even had about 20 switches on a table in the next isle. Honsetly i thought the switch was going to sweep the holidays...
I try not to play sides but at least in the 100 mile radius i shopped in the ps4 was a hot item.

GrubsterBeater1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I didn't go crazy Black Friday shopping this year, and only went to Kohls and Target. So at Target, I literally saw about 60 to 70 percent of the customers near electronics holding a 200 dollar PS4, while piles of XBox One S' and several One X's just sat there on the table thingy, meanwhile customers were rushing in to the counter asking if there were more PS4's.

I was also surprised at the huge lines for the registers at Kohl's... that definitely surprised me.

Thankfully I didn't see any real fighting at Target. It's a shame that people turn into savages like that over products..

LastCenturyRob1470d ago

I'm in the greater LA area and not one console sold out anywhere...All were plentiful...Even the Switch is still on shelves.

GrubsterBeater1469d ago


"Even the Switch is still on shelves."

I'm living in Northern Colorado (North Denver/Longmont) area, and at my local Target, there was two pretty big crates in the middle aisle of the store, STACKED with Switches. I think the reason for this (even though they sold a sh#$ ton country-wide) is the overly abundant stock that Nintendo, along with the price having no change. So it made sense for all the PS4's that were on sale to be wiped out at lightning speeds everywhere due to parents and gamers wanting that deal while it lasted and waiting on the Switch, knowing stock is plentiful at the moment and there was no "must buy now before it's too late, crazy sale, can't miss this" attitude with it.

pinkcrocodile751470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

In the UK we don't know what the hell a Kohls is or a Gamestop either.

We have Game near us and they had tonnes of PS4's and Xbox One S's no Xbox One X's or or PS4 Pro's mind.

This was 24 hours after a restock too.

So basically we all have a story and nobody else give a flying F what your story is.

I will assay that we nipped out today and picked up a new copy of Nioh for my hubby (no idea what he's done with his original copy mind), South Park: TFBW on PS4, Dishonoured 2 yada yada part 2 on PS4 Sonic Forces Xbox, Assassins Creed Origins Xbox and Shadow of War Xbox One..

Save a few quid in the process but just the same as boxing day sales.

Black Friday is just the same but since none of us celebrate killing the Natives, don't see the point

iDadio1470d ago

I’m lucky enough to have a Grainger game near me, can’t stick going to Game

Majin-vegeta1470d ago

Kohls is a clothing/electronic store and Gamestop is the equivalent of your GAME store

1470d ago
slappy5081469d ago

"none of us celebrate the killing of Natives don't see the point"
Well yeah if Brits had to take a day off to celebrate the fucking over of a native people and ruining their lives you'd never have to go to work

pinkcrocodile751469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )


While we started the mistreatment because we were [email protected] on a global scale, you guys committed genocide on your own. Oh and the last time I checked, I'm 6ft 5 and have a dick, am married to another man and am the father of 3 boys, the eldest is now in University.

So take the "lady" shove it up your hole.

pinkcrocodile751469d ago

@slappy508 HAHAHAHA why do you think we don't bother with that sh!t.

!. it's too close to Magic Baby Day
2. We don't like to rub it in our victims faces.

The British way of taking over a country is:

"You, You and You, [email protected] off, we're having Tiffin!" end of skirmish

The American way of doing it is more sinister

While the bombing goes on else where in the city of "X" (I assume that's where you are in the alphabet) angry protesters meet in cafe's and plot their revenge and while they do that you guys quietly and sneakily build a Starbucks around them.

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